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Name: Bannockburn District Community Newsletter


Bannockburn & District Community Newsletter
P O Box 131, Bannockburn, Victoria, Australia.

Phone 03 5281 1427  
Fax: 03 5281 1955
Mobile:  0409 432 783

email: bannews


The Bannockburn Newsletter is a community newsletter run by a voluntary committee and published monthly from March - December. It is an A4 size and we distribute 3000 copies free via mail contract or volunteers to the local area - Bannockburn, Lethbridge, Steiglitz, Sheoaks, Maude, Russells Bridge, Sutherlands Creek, Gheringhap, Teesdale, Shelford and Warrambine. A small number of copies are also delivered in the Dog Rocks area of Batesford and to the Meredith Store

Below are a range of advertising costs.  They are based on a 9cm wide column -

                                                                     Monochrome                    Colour
9cm  wide by 6cm high - business card size      $18.40 per month            $28.00
9cm  wide by 8cm high -                                 $25.30 per month            $36.40
9cm  wide by 13cm high - quarter page            $38.40 per month            $57.50
19cm  wide by 13cm high - half page              $53.30 per month            $101.40
19cm  wide by 26cm high  - full page              $97.40 per month            $180.00

Copy can be sent by mail, email or fax. Logos and artwork need to be of high quality.
Files as PDF, jpeg, tiff or similar for graphics and WORD is Ok for text.
Publisher or PDF for completed artwork.

Advertising will be invoiced with a tax invoice after publication and a range of payment options are listed on the invoice.