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Name: Winks Eyecare


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Good vision for life
Most of the information required for everyday living is obtained through our eyes, yet only 17 per cent of the population had a comprehensive eye examination in 2008.

This figure is surprising given how important our eyesight is to everyday living. Good vision is essential for driving, playing sports and fulfilling work and school tasks which is why it's so important that children, teens and parents incorporate regular eye examinations into their general health regime.
During an eye examination, an optometrist will assess your visual clarity while also looking for signs of possible eye conditions or disease.

Regular eye examinations can lead to early detection of conditions and diseases. If eye health is monitored throughout life, there is an increased likelihood that vision loss due to macular degeneration, amblyopia (lazy eye) and glaucoma can be prevented.

Parents should be leading by example and monitoring their own and their children's eye health on a regular basis. Parents should be confident that their children's eye health is the best it can be.

To book an eye test appointment, please contact Winks Eyecare on 03 5281 2848.
Eye test is bulk-billed to Medicare, so there is no cost to you.

Bannockburn:  7 High Street. Phone  03 5281 2848.
North Geelong: 125 Separation St.   Phone  03 5277 1561