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Good Food is our Medicine

To love oneself is to look at the path of self-care. Ignore it and you will feel unwell. Acknowledge it and experience good health and happiness. Believe it not this is not hard to achieve. We do it by self-managing our health.

By looking at our food choices we can maintain a healthy, happy mind and body.

Once we get the digestive and elimination processes of our bodies functioning properly we are half way there.

If we digest our food properly we will experience newfound energy because our bodies organs are receiving the nutrients that they need to function properly. If on the other hand we chose to eat food that our bodies have problem digesting then the food sits in the gut and becomes rancid and toxic. This adversely affects our organs and system functions. We feel unwell. If we continue in this way we begin to feel worse and worse. You may get away with this when you are young but the body will eventually show you signs and symptoms such as tiredness, lack of energy, illness, depression, anxiety etc. Our immune system stops working efficiently and we get sick.

Rather than just surviving in a state of illness, why not give the body what it wants and needs other than what you believe you want but is actually making you ill e.g. sugar, alcohol, processed foods with harmful additives etc.

To simplify this process start by feeding the body easily digested food such as vegetables and legumes, and then be conscious of feeding the body to maintain digestive harmony. This is part of many ancient healing modalities including Chinese medicine, where the main aim is to avoid extremes, which put us in a state of imbalance.

When our own bodies’ natural ability is balanced our chemical and hormonal levels are in balance and we have an efficient working body systems. You will feel better and people will notice the changes in you.

Chi reflexology can assist with digestion and aids general wellbeing. Marita Reynolds is a Wellness coach and works with Chi reflexology to help people in all aspects of their general health and well being. Marita is available for consultation and Meditation for life classes (please see advertisement) by contacting her on 0425 735 581 for more information.