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Dangers Posed by Electric Blankets

CFA is warning people about the dangers of electric blankets following a fire in St Albans Park, near Geelong in late June.

CFA was called to a bed fire at a Wilsons Road home just after 11pm on 29th June, 2015.

District 7 Acting Operations Manager Mark Collins said the working smoke alarm alerted the parents to the fire which was in their son’s bedroom.

“Sadly the young boy received burns as a result of the fire and was taken to hospital,” he said.

“This fire is a timely reminder for people to check their electric blankets now we’re in the colder months of the year and to never have them on while in bed.”

The fire was contained to the mattress and was controlled within 10 minutes.

The electric blanket is believed to be the cause of the fire. It was sent to Energy Safe Victoria for analysis.

Five CFA trucks from Geelong and Belmont attended the incident.

CFA advises:
•  Electric blankets should be checked at the start of each winter for any damage to wires, lead and hot spots
•  If the electric blanket is damaged it should be replaced
•  The old electric blanket should be un plugged and then have the cord cut off so that there is no chance of it being re-used
•  Never purchase and/or use a second hand electric blanket
•  Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding the use, maintenance and servicing of electric blankets
•  Electric blankets should be laid flat and secured tightly on the bed
•  Ensure that you turn off the electric blanket at the power point before you go to bed
•  Electric blankets are not recommended for use by babies or young children as “bed wetting” may occur

Working Smoke Alarm Saves 2 Lives
A working smoke alarm has alerted an elderly couple to a fire in their Merrigum home early on the morning of 26th June.

CFA crews responded to reports of a house fire on Morrissey Street around 4.30am. The elderly couple escaped through a window as the house was filled with smoke.

The fire was under control within 30 minutes.

Have your checked your smoke alarm?
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