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Back to Steiglitz 2015

There were no washing machines in Australia’s outback during the early days of white settlement. So, instead of lugging their precious (& heavy) family quilts to wash them before they were put away for summer, women hung them in the fresh spring breezes after a long winter of use.

‘Steiglitz Airing of the Quilts & Back to Steiglitz Reunion’

Sunday 25th October 2015,   10am until 4pm.

The historic goldrush town of Steiglitz has continued this tradition with its ‘Airing of the Quilts,’ held every other spring.

Put on by the Back to Steiglitz Association volunteers, this long standing tradition helps to raise vital funds for the repairs & upkeep of all historic buildings in our living ghost town.

We were delighted when this quirky event recently won the Golden Plains Shire Australia Day Community Event of the Year Award.  Yes, it’s that good!

Come and see hundreds of glorious quilts blowing in the wind throughout the entire town.   Sugg’s Cottage on Clow Street will be surrounded by them.  As will the Courthouse on Steiglitz Road; trees along Regent Street, and both the inside & outside of St Paul’s Church of England.  You may even find some airing away up at the Steiglitz Historical Society’s museum in the old Catholic Church.

While walking around enjoying the colourful displays you can pop into the 100 year old Blacksmith’s house, called Sugg’s Cottage. It’s the perfect place to prop by a cosy fire while enjoying a hot cuppa and some delicious country cooking.

St. Paul’s will also house quilting classes and workshops throughout the day, as well as offering quilting books for sale.  

Or perhaps you’d prefer to bring some friends, sit under a tree and enjoy your very own quilting bee.  It’s up to you.

Remember, the day isn’t just about fun, for all monies raised go towards vital repairs & maintenance of our town’s historic public buildings.

This is a new year for the organizers of the Steiglitz Airing of the Quilts, with a change of committee, fresh ideas and heaps of new input!  New members always welcome too.

We’d love you to come and join us, whether participating or simply enjoying this colourful, fun event.