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Residents Prefer Home Methods Over Green Waste Bins

Results from Golden Plains Shire Council’s 2015 Green Waste Survey reveal the majority of respondents do not support a green waste collection service.

2100 residents in suburban areas were given the opportunity to participate in the survey and a third of the surveyed households responded. 

Mayor, Councillor Des Phelan said, “Council wanted to hear from residents in regards to a green waste collection option to complement the weekly recycling and fortnightly waste kerbside collection service.”

“We also wanted to learn about how our residents were managing their household green waste,” Councillor Phelan said.

Survey results show:
•  58% of respondents did not require a green waste collection service
•  34% of respondents said they would consider using a green waste service
•  Less than 9% of all households surveyed supported a ‘user pays’ green waste collection service.  

“Residents have had their say and the result is clear: a green waste bin service isn’t a community need at this stage,” said Councillor Phelan. 

“It’s quite apparent that our residents are very good at dealing with their household green waste.” 

37% of respondents indicated they conducted home composting; 26% of respondents reported giving their green waste to pets and chickens; and another 26% said they shred green waste into garden mulch. 

“While the community is in favour of continuing their own methods rather than a green waste bin service, Council has decided to support these home practices by offering compost bins at cost price to interested residents; $39 for a 220L bin and $44 for a 400L variety,” said Councillor Des Phelan. 

The bins are high-quality, Australian-made items from the company, Reln and are made from 100% recycled plastics.

Residents interested in ordering a compost bin should contact Golden Plains Shire Council’s Customer Service Centre on 5220 7111.