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From Hall Upgrades to Garden Beds, Council Supports 44 Community Projects

Community representatives took to the stage on the evening of Tuesday 11th August for their much-deserved share of Council’s $144,000 Community Grants allocation.

The Rokewood Hall lit up with the big smiles of 70 happy residents – young, older and in between, who joined Mayor Des Phelan and Councillors Helena Kirby, Bill McArthur and Greg Vaughan to receive the cheques they worked very hard to acquire. 

Mayor, Councillor Des Phelan said in his address to the successful recipients, who represented 44 fantastic community projects, “It really does give me great pleasure to be here to celebrate the volunteers who have donated their time and energy to apply for this funding.”

The evening featured a sea of friendly faces from various recreation clubs, historical societies, children’s and youth groups and other groups; all of whom in some way are benefiting from this round of Community Grants.  

Projects of all shapes and sizes have been funded; everything from sporting lights and solar power systems to scout tents and paint makeovers – and more. 

Successful recipient Geoff Towne of Golden Plains Soccer Club said, “This [grant] is going to help give the Soccer Club an identity.” With Bannockburn’s soccer pavilion not due for completion until December 2016, Mr Towne was delighted with the club’s cheque for $4872, which will go towards the purchase of a barbeque, some marquees, outdoor tables and banners to create a social heart for soccer games. 

Mandy Leigh and Tom McCann from Leighdale Pony Club were equally pleased with the Club’s cheque for $5000, which will help enable the bustling equestrian centre to procure a new horse bay, show jumps, picnic tables and a fridge. 

Mr McCann said that the funding was really important in helping the Pony Club keep up with the required standards and was very thankful for Council’s support; past and present. 

Packed with passionate members of the community, Councillors found themselves feeling quite proud. 

“It is very pleasing to be part of a Council that empowers its residents to carry out projects that make a difference,” Councillor Phelan said. 

“It’s even more pleasing to see what the members of our communities are capable of achieving when they come together,” said Councillor Phelan. 

Since the Community Grants Program began in 1996, Council has allocated over $2.4 million in funding to more than $5 million worth of community projects. 

This year’s Community Grants cheques ranged from $5000 down to a couple of hundred. Regardless of the size of the grants, Council is sure the groups will do a great job of making meaningful changes with what they have. 

Congratulations to all the successful recipients; their community-mindedness and dedication are some of the most valuable resources in Golden Plains.