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Mindful Breathing and Being Present in a Go Go World

Mindfulness is the energy of paying kind attention to the present moment; it is like the concrete foundation to teaching ourselves to calm down and relax.

To practice mindfulness meditation you need to give yourself permission to ‘just be present’ right here, right now. Many people have not been taught to embrace the here and now – we’re always looking backwards or forwards. What we need to realise is that ‘The past is gone, the future is not here yet.’

When you lack mindfulness you allow yourself to be carried away by ‘always doing.’ This ‘always doing’ becomes a habit that spills over into your leisure time and constantly projects you into the future (i.e. focusing on what needs to be done.) 

There’s only one moment for you to live in – and that is the present moment.

With a little training and guidance from a Meditation teacher in Mindfulness Meditation you’ll discover that ‘being present’ is a simplistic process - but it’s not an easy one. It’s not easy because we live in a time where there’s pressure to always be doing, thinking ahead and being on the go. This is learned behaviour and you have the opportunity to retrain yourself to shift that habit and embrace a new way of helping yourself to de-stress and find calm in your every day life.

Practising mindfulness and presence will also help you to be ‘100% in’ every moment. Rather than always multi-tasking, you’ll learn to uni-task - this practice will improve your working life, relationships, studies etc. because you’re mindful of what you are doing, in any moment.

Trying Mindful Breathing is a great place to start practising mindfulness regularly. This process is easy and profoundly effective as it brings you back to part of your Nervous System often referred to as the ‘Rest and Digest’ (the opposite of Fight and Flight) – it helps you to calm mind and body, and regain control.

Mindful breathing can: 
• Allow your body time and space to rest/rejuvenate
• Help release tension 
• Help increase energy levels
• Support your immune system 
• Help you process stress, frustration, anger, sadness

If you would like to learn Mindful Breathing techniques and how to bring Mindfulness into your day-to-day we welcome you to join in on our Meditation for Life Program. 

Marita Reynolds is a Meditation for Life teacher. Please see advert for meditation class details of the next program at the Bannockburn Cultural Centre. 

Term 4 classes are starting back on Tuesday evenings from 20th of October at 6.45pm to 7.45pm and Thursday afternoons from 22nd October at 2.00pm to 3.00pm. Marita welcomes enquiries and would be happy to discuss how meditation can assist you. Marita can be contacted on 0425 735 581.