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Bannockburn Golf Club News

September has been a relatively quiet month at BGC with the usual Saturday, Wednesday and mid week events.

A number of our ladies played in the Ladies Sandscrape Championships at Avoca though and we hosted a great Noel Tanner Silver Salver event on the 7th in which all who participated enjoyed the game and the course..

Our grounds crew have spent the month preparing for some busy time ahead with aerovating, spreading of Gypsum, tee development, fertilising, replanting, scrape maintenance and spraying all on the agenda and with mowing and irrigating coming back on stream to add to the workload.  They are looking forward to preparing a top course for our Open in February.  We thank all who help with this work as it is hard work, demanding and requires a lot of good volunteer effort and commitment to make it all work well.

Our club rooms were utilised during the month for birthdays, business gatherings and the like and it is pleasing to see more inquiries being received for its use in the coming months.

One of our local plumbers, Nick Harding donated a second hand greens mower to the club during the month.  We thank Nick for his kind support of our club and will put the mower to great use as we try and trick up the surrounds for special events like the Open.

We are commencing a 6 week beginners programme on Thursday 8 October.  Our Captain Rob looks forward to giving some tips, coaching and good advice to anyone interested in coming along for the clinics.We are also commencing our next Children’s clinic – for 6 weeks – on Saturday 10 October so send those budding golfers along for some good tuition.

We have our Ladies Memorial 4BBB Stableford event on Wed 21st of October and look forward to seeing the trophy hotly contested again this year.

A Trivia night is organised for Friday 23 October as we encourage folk to come along and have a good time with trivia With A Twist.  The guys run a fun night with some great questions and fun during the night and the usual opportunity to acquire some great memoriabillia at auction during the night.

The AGM is on Friday 30 September and is an opportunity to come and listen to the President, Treasurer and Sub Committee Convenors report on the last 12 months.  At the end of formal proceedings, reports, committee elections, etc, we also throw the floor open for any general discussion, feedback and suggestions for the incoming committee to take on board for the 12 months ahead.

Also coming up on Sun 8 November is the Annual Stephen Hughes Ambrose event  - all you golfers put that one in your diary.

Doug McKenna is living up to his annual commitment of feeding the masses on Grand Final Day.  The weather looks like it will be brilliant for golf in the morning and the two teams competing will certainly put on a display of hard, tough footy.  We thank Doug (and Diane) for thir kindness and support of this annual event.

And for the rehabittees, Bryan Harmon is now walking 3 - 4 km a day following his heart Operation and Diane McKenna, while struggling to get enough sleep is starting to get more movement in her shoulder.  John Donoghue is still struggling with that ankle of his and Murray Satchell, ever the wise one, bought himself a ride on buggy during the month so that he can keep playing golf until he is 100!

Happy golfing for the month ahead.

2/9/15 18 Holes Stroke, Myrtle Clements Rd.6 & Silver Spoon Playoff. 
WINNER:  A. Gulino 93/25/68, E. Lynch 93/22/71 c/b J. Peterson 94/23/71 
NTP:  J. Peterson
MAGPIE:  A. Gulino 
9 Holes Stableford:  Winner:  S. Armstrong

5/9/15  Stroke 
Winners:  S Madden  63; G Moosbrugger 64; A Joyce 66 C/B 
D Crockett 66; M Connell 67 
Golden Hole 1st: A Gulino
NTP 3rd: M McLaren
NTP 8th: Club
NTP 10th: S Madden
NTP 15th: G Armstrong
Magpie 17th: A Joyce 
Ladies: A Gulino 67; J Peterson 70; H Prince 72 
Magpie 15th: S Moosbrugger
Mid Week 9 Holes: G Armstrong 24; A Joyce 19 
Mid Week 18 Holes: G Armstrong 41; A Green 40; M Satchell 39; B Levick 39; G Hayward 36 
Raffle M Satchell 

12/9/15  Stableford 
Winners:  A Dobson 42; S Carty 41; M Satchell 40; K Alford 39 
Golden Hole 1st: J Toyne
NTP 3rd: M Mutsaerts
NTP 8th: C Gillett
NTP 10th: A Scott
NTP 15th: M Satchell
Magpie 17th: R Dalton 
Ladies: H Prince 37; V Dobson 33
Magpie: A Gulino 
Mid Week 9 Holes: G Armstrong 15; C/B S Armstrong 
Mid Week 18 Holes:  B Levick 38; G Moosbrugger 38; T Sauni 37; M Satchell 37; H Kersten 37 
Raffle: K Alford

16/9/15  18 Holes Par & Monthly Medal 
Winner: S. Moosbrugger +1 c/b E. Lynch, H. Phillips -6 
Monthl Medal Playoff: 7/10/15 
NTP:  S. Moosbrugger,  MAGPIE:  J. Peterson 
9 Holes Stableford.  Winner: S. Armstrong 19pts.

19/9/15  Stroke Monthly Medal 
Winners F Hitchcock 66, A Joyce 68, B Hughes 68, G Moosbrugger 69 M McLaren 71 
Golden Hole June Peterson
NTP 3rd D Armstrong 
10th G Moosbrugger
15th M McLaren 
Mid Week 9 holes
P Graham 17 pts 
Mid Week 18 holes
W Levick 37 pts  C/B H Kersten 37 R Toyne 36
Ladies 18 holes:J Peterson 73; A Gulino 75

Winner:  P. Heily 90/17/73 c/b S. Dyer 93/20/73, S. Moosbrugger 93/19/74 
NTP:  P. Heily, 
MAGPIE: S. Moosbrugger

26/9/15  Stableford 
Winners:  M McLaren 39; K Alford 35; G Ward 33; G Leach 32; 
M Satchell 32 
Golden Hole 1st: H Kersten
NTP 3rd: M McLaren
NTP 10th: M Satchell
Magpie 17th: G Leach 
Ladies: P Graham 38; A Pfarrer 35 
NTP 3rd: R Pfarrer
Magpie 15th: P Graham 
Mid Week 9 Holes: V Graham 22; P Graham 20 
Mid Week 18 Holes: H Kersten 40; C Gillett 38; I Henderson 36; M Bagley 34 
Raffle : P Linke