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Maude Recreation Reserve

The next meeting of the Committee of Management will be held at the Tennis Pavilion at 7.30pm on Monday, December 7th.

The Committee is aware of the unauthorized use of the Reserve wheelie bins for the regular dumping of household waste. This may be the consequence of the change to fortnightly pickup of garbage bins in the shire, and we appeal to those using our bins to stop doing it. 

Please remember that overflowing bins encourage some visitors to leave their picnic rubbish lying about, which will spoil our beautiful Reserve for all users, and give our volunteer cleaners a more difficult job. Our cleaning gang has the same problems as you do at home with overflowing bins at times – please be fair and look after your own garbage at home. We are watching.

We are having all too regular problems with blockages in the Reserve toilets. Our plumber tells us that this is caused by the careless over use of toilet paper, and we ask all users of the toilets to be responsible in their use of toilet paper. It is awful to find a toilet – anywhere – which is blocked and not able to be used. Cleaning up the mess is no fun either!