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Amelia ‘Scarfs Up’ Heather

On Wednesday 9th September, at Anakie Primary School, Amelia presented our prominent community member, Heather O’Shannessy with a special scarf as Heather was ‘Scarfed Up’.

This was as a result of our small pack going to #THEBIGDAYSCOUT in February this year. You may have seen the news item on television.

1st Anakie Scout Group attended the Big Day Scout held at Federation Square Melbourne.

The day attracted about 10,000 Scouts from all across Victoria to induct Shane Jacobson as the new Chief Scout of Victoria, replacing the Governor who becomes the Patron of Scouting in Victoria.

The day started at Federation Square, with teams racing around the CBD looking for hidden art works in the maze of laneways in the City. We then headed towards the Sidney Myer Music Bowl for the more formal presentations of the day, including the induction of Shane Jacobson as the new Chief of Scouts Victoria and the launch of the 'Scarf Up' campaign.

Amelia accepted her own blue 'Scarfing Up' scarf from Shane Jacobson, with the commitment to spread the word about Scouting throughout the community, in the lead-up to World Scout Day on August 1.

A great event to promote scouting in the small town of Anakie!

L-R Heather O'Shannessy, Oscar Foletta, Gustav Foletta, Byron Matthews and Amelia Matthews