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Bannockburn Primary School

Solar Power Champions
We are the Champions! Not quite as Queen sang,” Champions of the world”, but we do have the champion of Australia. Jacob Hill with his solar powered boat, Sea Shepherd won the Australian –International Model Solar Challenge. This makes Jacob the National Champion. 

Jacob and his sister Kelsey (supported by Hayley Crawford) and her boat, Aqua Flash, represented themselves and Bannockburn at the 25th AIMSC held in Adelaide in late October. Racing against a range of other boats, Sea Shepherd and Aqua Flash excelled in the bright sunny conditions of the morning round robin heats. 

After lunch the cloud started to come over the pool. Low sunlight has been the nemesis for both boats. However both Jacob and Kelsey had worked hard on ensuring their boats performed well in all conditions. The boats zipped through to quarter finals and semi-finals. They were never seriously challenged by the others. It came down to the inevitable - a family showdown. 

Throughout the three previous events the two had taken turns to triumph on the day. Kelsey held the lead 2-1 being Bannockburn and State champion. The final was a very close event.  It came down to a third deciding race. In a super finish, Sea Shepherd and Jacob became National Champions. Kelsey did an outstanding job to finish second. This makes the second year both children have made it to the Nationals, having done very well making it to the final few in Sydney last year. 

I would also like to acknowledge the wonderful effort of Ryan Healy who makes our solar boat program the wonderful learning opportunity it is. We started this year with 21 boats, the largest program in Australia. It is the years of support and knowledge built up that allows us to perform so well in the big events. Well done Ryan. Congratulations on seeing your hard work culminate in our National Champions.

State Athletics
Congratulations to Josh Reissigner who, after placing 2nd in the Discus in the Regional Finals, competed in the State Championships on Monday, October 26th and threw over 29m. Josh is to be congratulated in reaching the championships where he was placed 9th in the State. Well done Josh. 

Outstanding Student Achievement
Wifi, the refrigerator, the hills hoist, the cochlear implant and many more incredible ideas were invented right here in Australia. Last term in life studies the grade 3's entered a national invention competition called 'Little Big Ideas'. There were many impressive and interesting ideas from our students and one in particular caught the attention of the judges and made it to the top 90 out of 1,000 entries!

Chelsea Alford (3H) came up with an idea for an iPad charger that runs on kinetic power which means just moving the iPad will recharge it.

"...You do not need to use normal electricity. You will need this invention to save money and electricity. It runs on kinetic power. It makes life better by not getting big electricity bills and saving the environment."

Well done to Chelsea for her fantastic idea!

Principal For A Day
At the end of last term Shaun Ridgeway, from Bendigo Bank, visited the school to be ‘Principal For The Day”. Shaun was given a tour of the school by our school leaders. They highlighted the many opportunities students can access at Bannockburn. Shaun then visited a couple of the classrooms to see our children engaged in their learning. Shaun joined the staff for morning tea. He then spoke to our student leaders about the importance of being an active member of your community. Shaun followed this by chatting to Felicity Bolitho (School Council President) and myself regarding future opportunities for the new school. 

French Language Assistant
We have been extremely fortunate to have been successful in obtaining a language assistant for 2016. This means that we will have a university student from France working with us for the whole school year. We will share the language assistant with Western Heights College. We are very lucky to have Ms Sandy Boue. We look forward to learning more about Sandy over the next few weeks. Sandy will commence working in the French program in February.

Prep Late Tea
To encourage student independence and celebrate our inquiry studies, Wednesday the 14th October saw all Prep students participate in a late stay at school. Afternoon tea consisted of smiley face biscuits and fruit which was prepared by the students earlier in the day. They then played some games on the oval and the asphalt, and participated in some team activities. A pizza tea was be served which was then followed by a disco. 

Evening On The Green
Our students from Years One and Two were extremely excited about Thursday, October 15th  ‘Evening On The Green’.  Students dressed in casual clothes for the day and took part in an array of fun activities including sporting competitions, cooking, craft and a disco.  Students will also enjoy a delicious Pizza Dinner.  

Sports News
Last week we had a number of students competing at Regional Level Sporting events. BPS sent students off to both Athletics and Golf. Lachlan Osborne and Patrick Mutsearts took part in the golf both hitting the ball quite well. 

Our Athletes were Josh Reissinger, Hannah Lewis, Emily Fisher, Rory Diamond and Chris Watson. All students competed extremely well obtaining some new personal bests. Josh produced a stand out performance in his discus event resulting in a second placing. He is now off to the State Level Athletics which is a terrific effort. Our students continue to achieve to a great standard at these higher standard competitions. Thanks once again to our parents who made the great effort to support their child at these events.