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Bannockburn Football & Netball Club

Funny how one season just blends into the next one! Great news is the signing of Peter Riccardi as senior coach - boy how much experience as a player and coach does he bring to our Club!

A few years ago we welcomed him back as a senior player (B&F), having started here as a junior, to St Peters and ultimately as a 288 game player with Geelong Cats, and now as our senior on field leader - we are stoked! Welcome to Peter and his family! 

Our recruiting has progressed well with some handy additions to our ranks, the return of some previous players and the resigning of most of last years group. As always some have left to challenge themselves at different clubs, and we wish them all the best; remember you have a home to come to, and hope you aren’t too disappointed when you miss out on being with us in 2016.

Our own A grade netballer Justine Gajic named in the 2015 G&DFL team of the Year, stepping up to the senior coaching role - lots to give!

Over the preseason period the off field management will be put in place, a job for every body, and everybody in a job! Takes a bit of planning and juggling, but ultimately it falls into place with the dedication of committed and enthusiastic people- come on board-  fun for all!

Watch the social media for instant updates!

Recently both the B&NFC and our Past Players Association held their annual meetings - thanks to all those who attended and those who put up their hand to be on the committees and in executive roles. Unfortunately, due to work and study work loads Michelle Giles found it necessary to step down as Club president. Michelle did an exemplary job as president in a year which proved to be the most difficult ever; with Club Patrons, Laurie Davies and Bill Caldow passing away during the year.

Bill in particular embraced the changes in local footy and was a staunch supporter of Michelle as first female President, not easy to say goodbye, but done it a respectful and dignified way, exactly what he deserved. Michelle has remained on the general committee, dedicated to our cause. Plenty of vision for the years ahead. We are pleased to announce Deniel Bee as the incoming President, having served as Treasurer last season. We wish him well and affirm our support! Thanks to Kath Boland for continuing in her role as Secretary - she does it so well. Once again Theresa Mc Creddan will oversee the finances.

As special thanks to our sponsors, please remain committed, and if you’re not on board, want to get on board!?

Thanks to our wonderful Past Players Association, on whom we have relied year in year out; I call them the jewel in our crown! 

Thanks to those who have continued in their roles and to those who have joined their committee. Since its inception, everyone who has played sport under the Bannockburn banner has benefited through the wonderful support of our PP&OA!

It’s a tantalizing world out there and we want to be part of it! We look forward to 2016, with its challenges and its triumphs; what a future, ah yeah what success!

All new players, supporters and sponsors most welcome!

President Deniel 0418 509 576
Secretary Kath    0438 424 375

Go Tigers!

The Committee's for 2016 are:

President - Deniel Bee, many thanks to Michelle Giles for all her hard work over the past year. 
Secretary - Kath Boland

Committee: Vaughan Mitchell, Rene Pompe, Laurie Colville, Mary Hetherington, Adrian Buffton, Matt Giles, Angela Cations, Ken Wood, Michelle Giles, Deb Thewlis, Christine Blackley, Molly Bryan, Holly Bifano, Tom Stanford, Amy Osborne, Cassandra Lawler

Bannockburn Football & Netball Club Past Players & Officials 

President - Mick Hickleton 
Vice President - Alie Gebing
Secretary - Tom Stanford
Treasure  - Andrew Osborne 

Committee - Adrain Bufton, Mick Giles, Tony Hill, Terry Ryan, Rob Henderson,  Kevin Chops Connors, Ashley Perkins, Ronnie Osborne, Travis Kelly.