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Shelford Primary School News

Energy Breakthrough
Work continues apace on our Energy Breakthrough entry for this year.  David has come up with an interesting new steering system thanks to some fantastic collaborative work between himself and some of our senior students..

The children were able to hit the tools last week, using saws, hammers, drills and a pipe cutter to continue with the construction of the billy cart.  Work on the billy cart is now complete, and the testing and practise stage of the process had begun.  We have 3 weeks until the race at Maryborough on the 19th, 20th and 21st of this month. 

Tree Planting At Bickleigh
We recently attended a tree planting activity as part of the National Tree Day program.  All students took part in planting trees at Gus and Louisa Jane’s property.  Local species were used and in future the trees will provide valuable habitat for wildlife and protection from soil erosion.


Wednesday 4th – 6.30pm – School Council
Wed. 11th – Remembrance Day Service Inverleigh – Grades 3-6
Saturday 14th – Garage Sale
16th – 18th – Grade 4 Camp
19th – 21st – Energy Breakthrough Maryborough
Friday 20th – Energy Breakthrough Pupil Free day

Friday 4th – Pupil Free day – Report writing
Friday 11th – School Concert