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Teesdale Primary School

Joining the Teesdale PS Learning Community
It is a privilege to have been appointed as principal of the Teesdale PS community.

My main focus is leading us all as a community of learners.  

Our common purpose, as stated in the School Strategic Plan, “is to achieve the best outcomes for all of our students”.  

We all have an important role to play in this.  I look forward to hearing about the individual learning goals of every student and to support their achievement of their goals. 

To achieve this requires the contribution of students, staff, parents and guardians, Teesdale community and the wider community to share in this privileged work.  I look forward to working with you to achieve this.  

Grant Rau,
Principal Teesdale PS

Values input invited 
Teesdale has a set of values that were developed through a collaborative approach involving students, staff and parents. The Values are documented in the Strategic Plan and are utilised in a variety of ways in the school. Such values are important enablers to support a safe school climate and for individual social competency development.  

The agreed Values are: Respect, Friendship, Excellence, Honesty and Resilience.  

Whilst the Values are agreed, I would now like to further enhance their application and relevance by developing a set of agreed behaviours that provide students, staff and parents with greater agreed clarity about their meaning.   For this week I have already engaged staff in a workshop to gain ideas about respect. Staff will be working with students this week to brainstorm further behaviour statements about respect.  I would like to encourage families to discuss what respect looks like in behaviour.  You may care to start the discussion around statements like “Why do you think respect is an important value for Teesdale PS? How do we show respect to others? How do we respect ourselves? Who do you think shows respect – what do they do?”  

Naplan – National Assessment Tasks for Years 3 and 5 Reports
Parents of students in Years 3 and 5 have received their child’s NAPLAN Report.  Our staff team have had an opportunity to analyse the individual outcomes and the cohort outcomes.  The opportunity for staff to engage in a workshop with data that allows for National and State-wide comparisons is insightful.  It provides a strong framework to compare with our other assessment tasks and to support curriculum planning. Parents are most welcome to contact their child’s teacher to discuss any aspect of the report.

Out There – the Australian Ballet in Schools Incursion 
The Out There Ballet Program is divided into two main sections i.e. movement workshops and a demonstration called Talking Doing Dancer.  The students participated in workshops to learn about making shapes with their bodies, movement, balance and co-ordination. 

The performance incorporated the French wording used in ballet i.e. jete, pliet and arabesque. Staff and families enjoyed the performance held during assembly.  Children had lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed their special day.

Parents and Grandparents to visit Junior School
Family members visited our school to share their experiences of daily life in the past.  They were asked to bring along any toys or photos from the past.  The children were amazed to hear what school was like in the “olden days” including the types of chores children did and the different types of transportation and entertainment.  The children really enjoyed their special visitors and hearing about tales from the past!

Junior School Sovereign Hill Excursion
This term, the Junior School is studying “How do I belong” which explores to concept of family and compares it to family life in the past.  To assist students to understand family life of the 1850’s, junior school students are going to Sovereign Hill.  During the day, the students will attend an education session, which will look at the different toys and games children played.  They will then visit the many exhibits, which display daily life of the 1850’s.   The children are really looking forward to this excursion and reports of the day will feature next newsletter.

Baanya Biami 3/4 Camp
Camp is coming up very soon!  This year our 3/4 camping program will be held at Camp Baanya Biami in Beremboke (just past Anakie) from the 11th-13th November.  The camp has been organised as a 3 day camp and all students are encouraged to take part.  Camp Baanya Biami is a well-established camp with excellent facilities, situated on 60 hectares adjacent to the Brisbane Ranges National Park.  It is fully catered with an extensive range of outdoor activities, including archery, flying fox, low rope courses and a giant slide.  Stay tuned for reports from the campers!

School Walkathon
Thank you to our marvellous PFA parents for organising the School Walkathon.   It was a perfect day to take a leisurely walk around the Teesdale Township.  The students were so excited about the fundraiser.  The junior children walked the 3.3 kilometre walk around the school block and the senior grades walked the longer 5.9 kilometres around the township. Families joined in too and enjoyed the brilliant sunshine and perfect walking conditions.  The tantalising smell of sausages greeted the tired walkers on their return. There was a festive atmosphere at the school and children, families and staff sat around in the brilliant sunshine enjoying their sausage in bread.  

The next step is to collect all the sponsorship money so that the prize winners can be announced.  A huge thank you to our generous sponsors who helped make the day such as success:  Geelong Football Club, Ray White Real-Estate, Adventure Park, Bunnings North Geelong, Teesdale Pharmacy, Readings Cinema, The Red Dog Café and Kmart.

We would welcome completed enrolment forms returned as soon as possible to help us plan for 2016. If you know require enrolment information, contact the school on 5281 5218 or head to our website:

•  Don’t forget to slip, slop, slap, seek and slide for SunSmart!
•  Have you heart Mr Rau plays the guitar!
•  The School Walkathon was a great success

Grades 3 & 4 celebrate reaching the half way mark.
The boys set the pace