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Bannockburn Golf Club News

Where  did October go?

Grand Final Day was a great start to the month with an early game of golf and lunch provided by celebrity chef, Douglas McKenna and his side kick Diane.  Our members hang out all year for this gourmet fish lunch and we thank the hosts for their fine cuisine and thoughtful voluntary contribution to our yearly calendar.

Our Children’s Saturday and Adult Beginner Thursday clinics have been running during the month.  The Children are a gem to coach and there is some real natural talent amongst them.  It is great to see the parents involved in assisting the coach on the Saturday morning and very pleasing to see the children enjoying our great game of golf.  

The Madden knockout has continued during October with Murray Satchell and Aubrey Joyce awaiting the outcome of another match to see who they play in the finals.  The Madden event is a popular match play event.  

The annual Ladies Memorial event was held on Geelong cup day with a different format used this year.  While the field was reasonably small all of those who played enjoyed the golf and the lunch afterwards.  Heather Phillips and Henk Kersten won the event and will go up on the board this year.  Thanks to the ladies for organising the event and catering for lunch.

Toby Sauni, Col Gillett and Andrew Green brought home the bacon during the month winning the Victorian country Teams Flag at Belvoir Park Golf Club. Well done

With the introduction of Daylight Saving, our Friday night Chicken Run event commenced .  Tee off is from 4.30 and anyone is welcome to come along and join in the 9 holes of golf and sausage sizzle following the game.

The Grounds staff and some extra volunteers were very busy during the month.  The course was aerovated, gypsum spread and fertilised.  Unfortunately the irrigation system hiccupped when we started to water in the gypsum and fertiliser and a few anxious days were spent tracking down some field faults.  All is fine now and the course is responding well to all of the hard work that has been put in.  Our new tees had the finishing touches completed and were sprigged recently, thanks to a great working Bee one Friday morning.  We have our fingers crossed for some warm weather now to allow for a good strike of the couch grass.  While all of this has been going on, the course regular maintenance, mowing, sand scrape raking, tree watering, track grading, etc has continued and some equipment improvement and maintenance undertaken.  All and all a great effort by all the volunteers concerned.

Our Clubhouse facilities were well utilised during October with a birthday, an engagement and Trivia night.  This has meant that our Clubhouse volunteers have also been busy catering for these events and doing the ongoing cleaning and maintenance.  

One of our members, Pam Graham, starred on TV during the month, giving Eddie McGuire a run for his money.  Not satisfied with that, she also had a birthday shortly after and celebrated her 47th wedding anniversary with Vince – but didn’t let him beat her in the 9 hole mid week competition!

By the time this reaches readers we will have had our AGM with a new committee elected for 2016.  Thanks go to the 2015 committee that worked very hard to see the club progress in terms of equipment acquisition and course and clubhouse facilities maintenance and all within budget.The club is positioned well for a strong and healthy future as an ongoing important community resource for members and the general community.

Coming up is our annual Sunday Stephen Hughes Ambrose event on 8 November and our annual Presentation Dinner on 28 November, as well as our ongoing Wednesday, Saturday and mid week golf events.  

This is the final edition by the current author, who will be taking a well earned break over the next 12 months or so.  I just wish to thank Lyell Reeves for publishing these articles each month and all of the readers.  In particular, I thank all of the volunteers at Bannockburn Golf Club who make our club what it is and enable all of the events covered in this newsletter to eventuate.

Happy Golfing for the rest of the year and the year ahead.


30/9/15   18 Holes Stableford 
Winner: H Prince 38pts, H Phillips, P Graham, S Moosbrugger, 
A. Pfarrer, S Armstrong 33pts, G. Jolly, V. Dobson 31pts 
NTP & Magpie A Pfarrer 

Winners: M Pfarrer +1; D Armstrong – Square: B Prince -1; 
G Moosbrugger -2  G Armstrong -2 M Doherty (Surfcoast) -2 
Golden Hole: B Prince 
NTP 3rd: C Gillett
NTP 10th: D Armstrong
NTP 15th: My Pfarrer
Magpie 17th: M Pfarrer 
Ladies 18 Holes Par: P Graham +3, A Gulino -2.
Ladies Magpie 15th: S Moosbrugger. 
Midweek 18 Holes: B Levick 39, K Davis 35, S Dyer 35, D Van Den Bosch 35, I Henderson 35, S Hughes 34, H Kersten 33.

7/10/15  18 Holes stroke & Monthly Medal 
Winner:  S. Moosbrugger 68nett, J. Peterson 75nett c/b K. Davis, E. Lynch 75nett c/b H. Phillips c/b A. Pfarrer 
NTP: 1st  A. Gulino  
Magpie: 15th P. Heily 
9 Holes Stableford.  Winner: S. Armstrong     

10/10/15  Par
Winners G Armstrong +4, G Ward +3 M McLaren +3 R Prince +2 
R Dalton +1 A Joyce +1 F Hitchcock Sq
Golden Hole 1st: R Dalton
NTP 3rd: A Scott,
NTP  8th: L Bagley
NTP 15th: T Salter
Magpie 17th:R Dalton
Birdie Hole 5th: D Armstrong,
Ladies 18 holes Par
P Graham –2, A Pfarrer –2, Magpie A Gulino
Mid Week 18 Holes: D Van Den Bosch 36,S Hughes 35, D Armstrong 34, W Levick 34,M Satchell 33
Mid Week 9 Holes V Graham 18. 
Chicken Run - M Mutsaerts 18 pts
Raffle D McKenna

14/10/15  9 Hole Stableford & 3 Club Event 
Winner:  H. Phillips 47/13/34, S. Moosbrugger 45/9/36,  A. Pfarrer 46/9/37
NTP:   J. Peterson, 
Magpie:  S. Moosbrugger

17/10/15  Stableford and Monthly Medal 
Winners:  S Carty 39; G Moosbrugger 37; K Alford 36; M Mutsaerts 34; F Hitchcock 34 
NTP 3rd: S Carty
NTP 10th: M Pfarrer
Magpie 17th: G Leach 
Ladies Quarterly Medal Winners: K Davis -3; J Peterson -5 on C/B A Pfarrer 
NTP 3rd: H Prince
Magpie 15th: J Peterson 
Mid Week 9 holes: P Graham 14 on C/B V Graham 
Mid Week 18 Holes: S Hughes 37; B Levick 33; S Hughes 32; 
B Hughes 32; H Kersten 31 
Chicken Run: L Spooner 21 pts 
Raffle: L Spooner

21/10/15  Lady Members Memorial Event:  18 Holes Stableford Foursomes. 
Winners:  H. Phillips & H. Kersten  37pts,  G. Jolly & H. Kersten 36pts,  A. Pfarrer & M. Pfarrer 35pts 
NTP:  8th. B. Prince

24/10/15   Stroke 
Winners:  D Van Den Bosch 64 on C/B H Kersten, M Satchell 67, B Levick 67 
Golden Hole 1st: D Armstrong 
NTP 3rd Club
NTP !0th, R Dalton
NTP 15th: A Scott
Magpie 17th: K Alford
Birdie 7th: A Joyce and G Ward 

Winners: K Davis 68 on C/B A Gulino
Magpie 15th: A Gulino 
Mid Week 9 Holes: L Spooner 18 on C/B P Graham 
Mid Week 18 Holes: M Satchell 38, B Levick 34, M Satchell 33 
Raffle:  D McKenna