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Maude & District Landcare Group

The next meeting of the Landcare group is to be held on Thursday, 3rd. December at the Maude Tennis Pavilion at 8pm.

As yet there is no further news about the planned release of the K9 strain of Calicivirus early next year. We are going ahead with our plans for the poisoning campaign next February as usual. The dates are 5th, 8th and 11th February 2016. Further information regarding the campaign will be available next month, and our usual flyer in January.

If you have any queries or are not in our Landcare area and would like information, please contact Lex, 5281 9293, or Elaine, 5281 9395.

Here at home we have suffered a major invasion of rabbits, mostly living under the 100 year old sheds where they cannot be fumigated. A lot of time was spent using two possum traps and a rabbit cage trap, and we learned how to entice the little beasts into the traps with quite a bit of success. The rabbit trap was particularly good for small rabbits, but a full grown rabbit would find it a squeeze. However, the trip plate had to be covered with grass to lessen the glare from the shiny metal. Painting the plate green would do the job just as well.

These traps are only a temporary measure – eventually we had to give in and poison, which seems to have been very successful. Another dose of Pindone in February should make a mess of the remaining bunnies – and all their offspring! 

Serrated tussock has started to flower. It is very easy to see because of the dry pastures this year. Please note that all landholders are required to remove this weed from all your land, so spray, spot spray or dig out every plant you can find. Everyone knows what an awful job it is, but it has to be done, so please don’t put it off.

Many landholders have already done a lot of work – how encouraging it is to see paddocks with dead tussocks scattered about. Please remember that it is no disgrace to see dead tussocks – rather, it is a great way to remind others of the job still to be done. There is no disgrace in having tussocks germinate on your property – how can you stop the seeds blowing in? The disgrace is having tussocks in your paddocks and doing nothing about it!