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The environment says thank you to Golden Plains residents

Golden Plains Shire residents continue to recycle more each month since Council doubled household recycling capacity in July 2015; with 203 tonnes of recycling collected in September. This is an increase of 80 tonnes (or more than 60%) than what was collected in September last year.

587 tonnes of materials were recycled in the first three months of Council’s changed kerbside collection service – 208 tonnes more than what was collected over the same three months in 2014. 

To place this great effort in context, just 90 days into the changed service, the benefits of residents’ recycling habits have saved the environment almost four Olympic swimming pools of water and 4,660 trees. 

In addition to recycling more, residents are also contributing less waste to landfill, with the September 2015 monthly waste collection almost 85 tonnes less than the September 2014 collection. 

Further to these improvements, according to Council’s 2015 Green Waste Survey that went out to 2,100 homes, Golden Plains residents are implementing environmentally friendly home practices to dispose of green waste rather than putting it in their waste bins.  37% of respondents indicated they conducted home composting, 26% reported giving their green waste to pets and chickens and 26% said they shred green waste into garden mulch. 

 “We continue to be impressed with how well residents are responding to the new kerbside collection service and congratulate them on a truly excellent effort,” said Councillor Des Phelan, Mayor. 

“Residents are recycling more each month and contributing significantly less waste to landfill when compared to last year’s collection records. Residents are also being resourceful with their household green waste, which is fantastic. Together, they’re doing great things for the environment,” Councillor Phelan said.