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Batesford News

Batesford is now a small but growing township 10kms from Geelong with traffic moving up and down every day. What lies amongst the trees and beyond is quite a collection of history.

Batesford is named after Alfred and John Bates who settled there in 1837. These brothers covered a wide area looking for pastoral land, eventually reaching close to the South Australian Border. Their descendants can still be found in the Lara area today where the brothers also opened up land around station peak and the You Yangs.

The historic bridge we drive past today is not the location where the Bates brothers placed their ford across the Moorabool River - in fact you need to go down river about 200 metres to what is believed to be the original ford. A walking track from dog rocks road is available but where the ford actually was is still under research.  With fees being charged for crossings many others developed their own crossings including vigneron James Dardel. His descendants are actively involved today keeping the history of Batesford alive, being members of the “Friends of the Bateford Cemetery’’ and ‘’Batesford Community Group’’.

Over the following months we hope to bring you a regular column with important historical facts covering people and buildings with great old photographs and what is happening to keep this history alive.

See Batesford Community Group facebook site for updates.

Batesford Community Group.
The Batesford community group can report some great events in the past couple of months and we are very happy with some of the progress that we have made with the development of further paths and creating loops for walkers.  I personal have seen an increase in walkers and runners since the introduction of the concrete path along the highway.

One of the things that we as a group were able to achieve without having previously planned or thought about was getting news out in a very quick manner regarding an incident that happened with a stranger and a child in the area.  It taught us that we can be used as a means of updating residents of happenings in the area. (please get yourself on our email list for instant notifications)

Our current numbers on the committee are small and we do look forward to attracting more locals that are willing to contribute in a small way to help lighten the load.  The more that we are able to achieve as a group, the happier the residents will be.

Please attend our information session on snakes there has been several sighting of snakes in the area.  I have organised a first Aid instructor and snake awareness session with highly trained experts.  Please send email to to be kept up to date with any local events.

Owen Sharkey
Batesford Community Group President