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Batesford, Fyansford, Stonehaven Landcare Group

Thank You Covenant College For Your Continued Support
Batesford Fyansford Stonehaven Landcare Group would like to acknowledge the work of Covenant College in the Dog Rocks Flora and Fauna Sanctuary, Red Gum Reserve and the Moorabool River Reserve in Batesford.

As part of the ‘Year 9 Outback Program’ students and teachers under the leadership of Stephen Demetriou have supported the work of the BFS Landcare group for five years.

The school program promotes a positive contribution by the students in the local and global community.

The removal of small and mature Boneseed in the DRFFS was the major task allocated to the students and the results achieved this year are once again outstanding. The students have replaced the Boneseed planting grasses and shrubs of local provenance supplied by Treehome Nursery.

Lauren  Zuidema (CC staff), students and BFS members Cathryn Clift and George Belcher

In July 2015 on National Tree Day for Schools Covenant College students and staff, BFS Landcare members and City of Greater Geelong supervisors had a successful planting day in the Moorabool River Reserve. The sun was shining and 56 students competed with the local birds chattering away happily as they worked. 500 shrubs, grasses and ground covers were planted.

‘The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.’ Nelson Henderson

Other activities regularly undertaken by the students include identification of indigenous plants and Weeds of National Significance, bird watching, chipping out Serrated Tussock, maintenance of newly planted areas and Water Watch activities. 

The students have worked cheerfully and cooperatively once again this year. We are most grateful for the continued efforts of all concerned at Covenant College.

Moorabool River Reserve


Removal of small Boneseed