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Talk of the Town - What's Happening in Teesdale

The return of sunny days has put a buzz in the air (and I’m not just talking flies and bees – there are nowhere near enough of the latter in my garden yet).

I awake each morning to the songs of many different bird varieties and that lovely colourful hue in the sky. The grey seems to be almost completely gone for another year and there are more people back on the walking track. Hooray, hopefully soon I too will be one of them again. 

With the renewed energy that comes with the warmth, there is also a flourish of activity in the community. Cricket season has hit off again, tennis courts are full on a Saturday morning, ponies are being trained and put through their paces and of course, the sound of drumming fills the air. For such a small rural township, there is so much going on and absolutely no excuse for boredom. No matter what your interests, there is sure to be something happening to satisfy them. Why not try one of these:

Tombstone Country – Sunday 29th November – 12pm BBQ – Music from 2pm

CWA meetings at the school’s mudbrick building: Activities on Tuesday 3rd November and a general meeting on Tuesday 20th November, both at 7:30pm. New members are always welcome and can share in all sorts of traditional crafts, guest speakers and yummy CWA fare. 

Teesdale Country Markets kicked off the new season with an almost full house of stalls which was fantastic. The committee would like to extend their thanks to Stockdale & Leggo Bannockburn for their recent commitment to support the market (and community) by becoming a major sponsor. You will remember that the ultimate purpose of the committee is to contribute to the community either by funding projects that benefit all or assisting individual families in need. By getting on board, Stockdale & Leggo are helping us not only continue to provide these events on a monthly basis, but also give back to Teesdale residents as per our goal. So thankyou!

Brooke (Mummy’z Cooking) assures me that her apricot trees are laden with fruit and that we can look forward to a new batch of jam for the Twilight Market … Number one son and I are waiting rather impatiently given that we ran out a couple of months ago and refuse to buy any other brand – it really is the most delicious I have ever eaten. 

Our next date is Sunday 22nd November at the hall and with the addition of a couple of extra stallholders to fill the remaining two spaces, we will be at capacity with a great variety of arts, crafts and local producers showcasing their wares for you to try.   

Twilight Market and Christmas Carols (proudly supported again by PIKE TRANSPORT will still be held at Turtle Bend on 22nd December. Kind thanks are to be extended to the new members of the Teesdale Community Events Committee and also the couple of volunteer helpers who have raised their hands to assist on market days. If you would like to be involved in the markets and/or Christmas Carols, please get in touch, we would love some more help to be able to keep up and build on the success of our first season. 

We are still accepting applications for stallholders for all markets, however, with the current list full for regular monthly markets at this stage, we will need to start a waiting list so be sure to get yourself on it ASAP. 

Remember also that we are almost at our limit for Christmas Carols and with a growing attendance that exceeded 2000 people in 2014, we anticipate that 2015 will be even more profitable for stalls.

Did you enjoy Twilight at Turtle Bend. Again a crowd pleaser with the headline band “Kite Machine” making quite an impact on the substantial gathering. Fortunately, after the heavy rain and storms that we awoke to, the weather was wonderful, warm and most importantly dry which meant that the annual parading of the lanterns was able to proceed and provided its usual pretty visual addition to the atmosphere. Many thanks to the Turtle Bend committee for putting on an evening of great fun and importance for the community.

Now, on to more serious things. I’ve seen quite a few posts over the past few weeks about snakes and have been informed by the experts that there ARE in fact a large number of Tiger snakes being reported in the area so just wanted to issue a reminder for caution as it would seem that our necessary and protected (yes, it is illegal to kill a snake) “slitherers” are out and about a little earlier than usual due to the early heat no doubt. Just be vigilant and get stuck into your spring tidy up to ensure that there are no attractive nesting sites close to home and so that you can see clearly in front of you when walking about your property. 

If you do happen upon a snake in your yard, stay a safe distance away but keep an eye on it and call the local snake catcher (Darren Rhook – 0407 868 560 or Darren Keiller - 0425 751 706). If you can direct the snake catcher to the snake when he arrives it not only makes his job much easier and safer but also promises you the peace of mind in knowing that it has been removed when he leaves. 

Also get any domestic pets such as dogs/cats away from the snake, out of the yard and into the house. This will also make the catcher’s job easier and means that, firstly, the pet cannot be bitten and secondly, that it does not have the opportunity to antagonise the snake.  

Another unfortunate threat to our community is the obviously dry conditions of paddocks and likelihood of fire. I note that I am not the only resident with a rather large pile of green waste sitting in the paddock awaiting the perfect conditions to set it alight. Be prepared for an early start to the restriction period and also remain conscious of the possibility of a floating ember starting a grass (or other) fire elsewhere on yours or neighbouring properties. Given the dangers and rising temperatures along with our usual Spring winds, I would highly recommend contacting our dedicated local CFA members to discuss the lighting of any bonfires prior to doing so. 

Be safe and responsible with your fires please!

And finally, on the home front, many thanks to my amazing parents, the small group of girls (Kaylea, Jodie, Andrea, Jo, Renae, Zoe, Adie, Gidget) and Colin for their enormous effort over two days reclaiming the front garden a couple of weeks ago. 

I knew I had fruit trees but now I can actually see them again, and the lawn that was lost to milk thistles is now greening back up nicely. You are all wonderful and I cannot express myself in any way that is even remotely adequate to convey the gratitude I feel. There is still much to be done after the neglect suffered during my months of recuperation but the light at the end of the tunnel is now much clearer and brighter thanks to you all. 

Happy Movember …. I look forward to seeing your facial hair guys!

For further information on any of the news in this column, you can contact me personally at or on 5281 5265. 

And if you have any news you would like to share in future columns, I’d love to hear it.