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Bannockburn Fire Brigade

Members of the Bannockburn Fire Brigade have arranged a visit from Santa on Christmas Eve again this year. He will be driving around the town on a fire truck from about 4pm on Christmas Eve to meet the children of the district.

It usually takes him quite a while to get around the town these days as there are so many children, so listen for the siren as he gets nearer to your area.

Community Fire Refuges
•  A Community Fire Refuge is a place that is a building open to the public that can provide short-term shelter from immediate life-threatening effects of a bushfire event.

There is no Community Fire Refuge located in Bannockburn.
Activate your bushfire survival plan early

•  Remember, bushfires or grassfires can happen when least expected. Planning and preparation are essential.
•  A last-minute decision may cost you and your family your lives.
•  You may not receive an official warning about a bushfire or grassfire.
•  Do NOT expect a fire truck at your property.
•  Your survival and safety depend on the decisions you make.
•  Protecting people will always be more important than property.
•  Always tell someone what you are planning to do.
•  Observe the weather, including the direction the wind is blowing.
•  Watch what is happening around you and where a bushfire or grassfire may be located.

Leaving late is dangerous
•  Travel on roads in this area during a fire is dangerous.
•  You may be impacted by fire, and visibility may be poor due to smoke.
•  The roads may be blocked due to falling trees, collisions or emergency vehicles.
•  Usual travel routes may not be accessible.
•  Don’t assume you can turn back, as the road may have become blocked behind you.
•  Lives are more likely to be lost when people make a last-minute decision to flee a bushfire or grassfire.
•  The risk of being overrun by bushfire or grassfire is very real.
•  People caught in the open are likely to face severe and often fatal levels of radiant heat.
•  Leaving late is a DEADLY option.

Your relocation kit
Have a relocation kit with essential items already prepared and make sure it is stored in an easily accessible place.

Some of the things that you might like to include in your kit are:
• Protective clothing made from natural fibres
• Woollen blankets
• Water and medications
• Toiletries and sanitary supplies
• Mobile phone and charger
• Important documents
• First aid kit
• Cash, ATM/credit cards
• Valuables and photos
• Battery powered radio

For more information on how to prepare your own Bushfire Survival Plan go to or call the Victorian Bushfire Information Line 1800 240 667


The Bannockburn Fire Brigade wish you all a Happy Christmas
and a Safe New Year.