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Shelford Primary School News

Energy Breakthrough
The Energy Breakthrough event is over for another year.  The children all had a fantastic time, competing in a great spirit, and showing wonderful teamwork.  I would like to thank everyone involved for all their hard work and support.

Many thanks to David Trevaskis for his help with the construction of the billy cart.  The whole process from design, construction, practice, team management, and competing was a great experience for the children.

“My favourite part of the billycart race was the whole thing. We had the endurance race and obstacle course and sprint race, which was the one we won.”  Maddy, Grade 3

“I had a great time at Maryborough. My favourite part was the endurance race. I learnt that working together and team work is the key.”  Charlie, Grade 4

“On the Saturday I was in the sprint race and we came first because we worked as a team. The other teams weren’t working together like us. I had a great time.”  Novella, Grade 4

“At the billy cart race I had such fun doing all of the races. In the last race we came first because we worked together as a team. Next year will be my last year competing. I hope for the same teamwork next year. “ Declan, Grade 5

My favourite part of the Energy Breakthrough was competing in the Sprint race and working together as a team. The way that we won our sprint race was by working together. I also enjoyed the endurance race. I learnt that it is important to work together as a team. Freya, Grade 6