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Meredith Primary School

Ballarat Show – Competition Results
Congratulations to all of our students who participated in the various Ballarat Show activities. We had a number of children receive recognition from the show committee; it’s great to see our children achieving high marks in the community.

Please come in after you’ve collected your children and look at the display our staff created. Well done to the following children on these outstanding results:

1st: Kenneth Medlyn

Archibald Portrait/Poster
Highly commended (in their section): 
Logan Nettleton, Matilda Cooke and Josephine Ceballos 

3rd (in their section):  
Harley Murfitt, Will Reichman and Cheyenne Macauley

2nd (in their section): 
Nelly Griffiths, Jayden Vermeend, Maxee Mullane and Peetha Van Der Veen

1st (in their section): Taylah Cochrane and Kirsty Roberts

Highly commended: 
Phelan Van Der Veen, Lilly Parkinson and Isabella Gaussen

2nd: Emma Downie

1st: Allarah Ceballos

3rd: Matilda Flood and Emily Speirs

Roadhouse Door
Well done to all of our students who developed a wonderful large art work which will hang on the door of the Meredith Roadhouse. 

This was a great community project that gave our students the opportunity to have a real world application of their talents. 

Special thanks to Rebecca at the roadhouse for letting us complete the project and to Ralph Holtz, who did an amazing job of co-ordinating the project and installing the final product. Terrific stuff everyone!