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Bannockburn Golf Club News

The golf course is in great order at the moment after many of hours of voluntary work carried out over the past few weeks and a timely rain event to help things along.

The course has been aerovated, Gypsum and fertiliser applied and starting up of the Irrigation system. This has culminated in the course being in excellent order and ready for the summer months ahead. 

It is a great credit to all of the members who have worked and helped out along the way.

At our recent Annual General Meeting we saw the end of a 4 year term by our President Dick Crockett and for a similar term as Captain Rob Prince.  Both of these people have contributed to the club immensely with time and great dedication to their roles however I’m sure they will continue to contribute for many more years in the future.

Max McLaren has been elected as the new President with Henk Kersten as the new Captain. Steve Carty and Heather Prince are new members elected to the 12 persons General Committee. We wish them all the best for the year ahead.

On Wednesday 18 November the Ladies had their final day for the winter season with a wonderful turn out for the Wind Up Day. It was great to have 4 ladies life members – Doris, Phyllis, May and Heather – as well as past players - Pat, Margie, and Maryann enjoying lunch with current playing lady members. Congratulations to all the lady winners 2015, it was good to see the trophies spread across so many of our ladies.

This year the Ladies Committee have decided to run a Summer Competition on Wednesdays. The format will vary between Stroke, Stableford, Par and Match play, with the calendar still to be finalized. 

The Ladies’ Summer Comp will run from Wednesday December 2nd to Wednesday February 3rd – teeing off at 8.30am. Comp fees will be $5.00, and on very hot days the comp may be reduced to a 9 hole comp at the Captain’s discretion. 

At the completion of the Ladies’ Summer Competition season, the Champion will receive their voucher at the Opening Day of the 2016 Season.

By the time you are reading this we will have held our Presentation night on 28th November with all the various events winners having received their trophies. 

Also on this night Stan Madden who has been a member of the club for 45 years and involved with much of the early development of the course will be presented with a life membership of the club. Congratulations Stan.

The Annual Open Tournament will be held on 19th to the 22nd February 2016 when Bannockburn Golf club will be host to visiting golfers from the clubs around the district.

We would also like to wish all the readers of the Bannockburn News a wonderful and safe Christmas and hopefully for those who are golfers many days of enjoyable golf ahead.


21 .11.15 Stableford Monthly medal
Men's Winners  A Grade D Armstrong 41, A Grade, M Mutsarts 39, D Crocket 38, P Munro 35 
B Grade winner, B Hughes 35.
NTP Men’s, 1st: M McLaren, 3rd M Mutsaerts , 8th B Hughes 10th, A Scott, 15th, M Pfarrer
Magpie hole 17th G Leach
Birdie hole 11th D Armstrong [eagle], G Armstrong , P Munro.
Ladies Winners: K Davis 34pts J Peterson 28 pts
Magpie hole 15th: A, Gulino
Mid week 18 hole Winner: M Satchel 40 pts
Junior of the Week: M Brown

18 .11.15  Ladies Windup Day: 9 Holes Stroke, Foursomes
Winners: K. Davis & H. Prince 46/13/33, R. Pfarrer & S. Moosbrugger 43/8.5/34.5

14 .11.15    18 holes Stroke
Men's Winners: M Satchell 67net. L Bagley 68, R Crocket 70. G Armstrong , 70, F Hitchcock 70
NTP 3rd: I Henderson, 10th:H Kersten 15th: D Harwood, Birdie hole 10th R Prince
Ladies Winners: H Prince 69net, P Graham 73
NTP Ladies: Magpie hole 15th: P Graham
Mid week 18 holes -Winner; Bill Hughes 37pts cb from M McLaren, H Kersten, M Satchel

11.11.15     18 Hole Stroke Flag Event
Winner: S. Moosbrugger 91/19/72, K. Davis 96/23/73, H. Phillips 99/25/74
N.T.P. E. Lynch

8.11 15 Steve Hughes Day
James Drayton, Dusty Drayton, John Crabbe and Henry Warden 66 11&3/8th net 54&5/8
Runner up net  Daryl Gray, Ian Featherestone, Cole Warden and Andrew Coles 64, 8&3/8th net 55&5/8
Gross Winners Richard Franklin, Ben Franklin, Phil Toyne and Henk Kersten 60
Nearest the pin  1st Wayne Da Silva, 3rd Matt Bagley, 10th Steven Preston 
15th Ladies Ange Gulino Men Matt Bagley
Longest Drive Ladies: Rebecca Pfarrer Men: Greg Armstrong
Straightest Drive Ladies: Sally Dyer, Men Henry Worden

7.11.15  Par
Winners  Andrew Green +2 cb Stan Madden, Doug McKenna, Stewart Day.
NTP 1st: Dick Van Den Bosh, 3rd Terry Salter, 15th: Stan Madden, Magpie hole 17th: Henk Kersten
Birdie hole 9th: Jackpot
Mid week 18 holes Winner Colin Gillett, 38 pts 
Runner up Dick Crocket 33pts Murray Satchel 32pts Andrew Green 31 pts
Mid week 9 holes Vince Graham 18pts
Chicken Run Terry Salter 20pts

4.11.15    Stableford
Winner: A. Pfarrer 33Pts., G. Jolly 31 Pts, H. Prince 29 Pts.
N.T.P. 3rd Hole: A. Pfarrer
Magpie 15th Hole: P. Graham

24.11.15 Womens Stroke 24th October 2015
Winner: H. Phillips 67 Nett., Runner Up: G. Jolly 70 Nett, 
N.T.P. P. Graham
Magpie P. Graham
Next Week: Stableford