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Bannockburn & District Garden Club

There was a late change of venue in September for the Bannockburn and District Gardening Club Inc. Members held a very enjoyable afternoon at the home of Coralie Erwin in Burnside Rd. The 5 acre property is solely maintained by Coralie, a mammoth task.

We started our tour round the home garden vibrant with late daffodils, tulips and ranunculus, one of the beds was lined with day lilies. The raised vegetable garden was full of seasonable vegetables. The wonderful feature of the garden was the lake with weeping willows around the perimeter and a family of ducks calling this home. A small bridge covered in a wisteria led to the island with a lovely stand of trees. 

Beautiful blossom trees gave the garden splashes of colour. While we enjoyed afternoon tea Coralie showed us photographs of the excavation work for the lake. Although there was plenty of water in the lake the garden was totally maintained by rainfall and mulching. Members were active in a discussion on the problems of curly leaf in stone fruit trees after spraying at the recommended time.

October saw members meet at 33 Armytage St Winchelsea where we were met by Leonie and had a tour round her wonderful garden. Although Leonie has been in the house less than 6 years it felt like a very established garden. Great use had been made of existing trees and shrubs and of containers for annuals succulents and a large iron copper had been turned into a beautiful water feature. Shade sails kept the veranda beautifully cool, the ideal spot for the standard fuchsias, and a wonderful slab table, ideal for family BBQs. In the centre of the garden was a large conservatory with a lovely collection of orchids. A path wound round the garden with interesting sculptures and garden ornaments peeping out from shrubs and plants. The burgundy clematis was a striking focal part of the garden. The cottage style vegetable garden was very productive with a large collection of herbs and vegetables including a very large asparagus bed

At the conclusion of the tour members enjoyed afternoon tea and a chance to visit a shop in Winchelsea owned by Leonie

The Club fitted in an extra garden in November when we visited17 Willis St Teesdale the home of member of Ana. The wonderful garden receives no extra watering, just a careful choice of plants. The salvias and penstamons in drifts of colour with yellow daisies and poppies filled the front garden. Walking to the back we passed a lovely pond with benches under restful trees. A pink climbing rose covered a large archway, the perfume was wonderful.  As we walked further down the garden past the bulb garden and more roses, we came to native bushland with bottlebrushes, grevilleas and eucalyptus.  Towards the back of the house was a fully enclosed vegetable garden and large succulents on the veranda. Members provided a lovely afternoon tea.

Our November meeting took the form of a luncheon at the home of Sandra and Cam Dishon.   It was a superb day and a superb setting.  We gardeners have a great work ethic and our lunch proved that our talents are not just restricted to the garden, but are put to great use in the kitchen.   The annual plant swap was entertaining with an interesting range of plants to share.

The Dishons believe in colour and have created a stunning display.  Some of the many roses were just past their best, many were still showing well.   The secret of this garden is that each plant has its own dripper - there are five enormous tanks hidden behind the work shed to facilitate all the use of water on the property.  Watered, mulched, trimmed it is no wonder the garden has developed so brilliantly.  There is a tidy and productive area for vegetables.   At the moment the sweet corn is developing well and the covered strawberry patch has a lot of potential.  The property is powered almost exclusively by solar cells and only rarely is power from the grid used.

We had a most enjoyable day and our thanks to Sandra for her great hospitality.

At 1.30pm on Tuesday 15th December we are visiting the Pennyroyal Raspberry Farm, 115 Division Road, Murroon, departing Lions Park at 12.30pm.   Please ring Lyn if intending to go and your name is not already noted.

The first meeting of 2016 will take place Tuesday 19th January at 50 Greenfields Drive, Moriac, departing Lions Park at 12.40pm.   

Members wish all their friends a very happy Christmas and all good wishes for 2016 

For more information please ring Freda 03 5281 1907 or Lyn 03 5281 1467.