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Talk of the Town - What's Happening in Teesdale

Four years ago in January, on a freezing cold and very rainy day, a rather large removal van pulled into what was, back then, the driveway of our new home on the main road in Teesdale.

As we filled the home with our furniture and boxes of belongings, other family members scrounged around in the paddock to find enough timber to light a fire, friends popped down to the general store to buy hot chips and potato cakes and, after the truck had left, I ran a super hot bubble bath in my new, much longed for claw foot. 

Not long after, the remodelling of gardens, removal of sheds and arrival of the first livestock all began. In the time since, we have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful friends, immerse ourselves in the local activities, help many community members in need and build on the personal dream. So … I’m sure you have noticed the big black and red FOR SALE sign out the front by now, which can only mean one thing obviously … we are selling. 

Audrey, the sheep and lambs all went off to their new home last weekend (I’m very happy to say that they will all remain together with a lovely family), we have sold a lot of excess items and we have finally (almost) completed the planned works for the property but … we have had a particularly difficult year with my health and with hubby out of ‘real’ work and therefore, we have decided to make some pretty drastic changes. 

Unfortunately the downsizing and simplifying means relocating, which also means that, sadly, we now have to say goodbye to you all.

It is time for us to focus on healing and each-other as a family unit; on eliminating as many of the stresses we can and working out what our lives look like going forward into a new, somewhat unknown but nonetheless exciting future. 

And with this being my final Talk of the Town, I would really like to thank Teesdale for welcoming my family when we arrived. I would especially like to thank those that I have become close to in that time for their friendship and support and I would most sincerely like to thank Lyell Reeves (tireless editor and newsletter extraordinaire) for embracing this column so warmly. A number of you have commented over the past few weeks about how disappointed you are that you will no longer be reading my crazy ramblings but, perhaps it’s time for a new family to share their adventures!

Are you interested in reporting on local events, informing the community and sharing your rural journey to inspire (or at the very least amuse) your neighbours? Please get in touch with Lyell via the newsletter and discuss your thoughts with him as it would be a real shame to lose the Teesdale news. It literally only requires about two hours once a month to put the column together so it is not difficult at all and the people of Teesdale LOVE it. Somebody please step up!. 

And now, for the final time from me, this month’s events……

Tombstone Country – Sunday 13th December – 12pm BBQ – Music from 2pm - Please remember that this is not only a fun afternoon of music and perhaps a few bevvies, but that all of the proceeds are donated to a charity such as last month’s Coastguard. What a great way to support those who support you when you need help and, Christmas is all about the spirit of giving.

CWA meetings at the school’s mudbrick building: Activities on Tuesday 1st December and a general meeting on Tuesday 15th December, both at 7:30pm. New members are always welcome and can share in all sorts of traditional crafts, guest speakers and yummy CWA fare. Congratulations are also sent to the local CWA for winning a second prize for the ANZAC memories window display at this year’s Geelong Show. Well done ladies…a very fine (and clever) effort. 

The December Teesdale Country Markets will again be held as a Twilight event combined with the annual Christmas Carols on 22nd December at Turtle Bend from 4pm til 9pm. This is a wonderful opportunity to gather with friends and family to celebrate the Christmas season, purchase those last minute gifts, sing some carols and fill yourselves with a ton of festive cheer. In addition to the spectacular fireworks display to conclude the event (provided it is not a total fire ban day), this year we will also have a snow machine and THE MIK MAKS performing for the kids. Proudly sponsored by Pike Transport, Stockdale & Leggo Bannockburn, Teesdale Pharmacy and supported by Geelong Fireworks, there is no better way to switch from the madness of the lead up into the festive mood that embodies the season. The Teesdale Community Events Inc committee work really hard to bring you this event so we will all look forward to seeing you there. 

And finally, as I bring my last column to a close, I simply MUST express my most heartfelt thanks to Geoff & Shirley Wild and Kaylea Bufton who have stood beside me and helped me to execute all of my wild ideas, picked up my slack when I have been unable to fulfil my duties, cuddled me tightly and let me cry on their shoulders during the hard times and donned their best sock protectors and safety glasses to whipper snip my ‘taller than me’ weeds. Geoff, your jokes are by far the worst and therefore by far the funniest, Shirley, I don’t think I’ve ever met a more genuinely likeable and kind hearted woman and Kaylea, I cannot wait to see where you end up now that you’ve found your wings! Proud of and inspired by your courage and willingness to take on the world my friend!

There are others that I have met here that I cherish and will miss – 

Gidget ... there aren’t words for how I feel about you and I thank God often for the blessing of a lost scruffy dog! 

Marianne… OMG, where have you been all my life?

Renae, Brandi, Alaska, Andrea, Jodie M, Jo R, Fiona… I can’t thank you enough 

Sandy, Greg and particularly Austin… what a joy you are, I wish we’d had more time in our busy lives and…

Judge Judy…It’s not only your spaghetti Bolognese that makes you so lovable. What on earth will we do without you close by? You saved us!

Thankyou Teesdale, we’ve had a wonderful time here. Au revoir!