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Awards Night at Maude Fire Brigade

A very enjoyable Awards Night for active brigade members was held on Saturday, 7th November at the Maude Fire Station.

The ladies were particularly appreciative of the kind gesture to have the night catered for, to give us a rare night off!

There was a long list of members to receive awards, as it is some years since our last awards function. 

Basic training certificates were presented to Kath Mitilineos, and Anthony McCarthy and Damien Grey (both absent). 5 Year Certificates: Anthony Durran, Adam East, Glenn Harper, Paul Towart; 10 Year Medal: Paul Rudland, Brett Harper, Chris Rudland, Richard Russell, Kath Nordin,  Ann Salter, Bettine Satchell; 15 Years: Damien Giustini, Ralph Nordin, Craig Blake; 20 years: Bruce Harper, Paul Mooney, Sally Adams, Neradine Harper, Sue Stephens; 25 years: 

Peter Stray; 30 years: Bev Burgess, David Stephens, Lex Stray; 40 years: John Stray; 70 years: Jack Boardman.

A wonderful highlight of the awards was the presentation to Bev Burgess, David Stephens and Lex Stray of Life Memberships of the Maude Fire Brigade, and also CFA Life Memberships to the same members. 

Peter, Lex and John Stray with their awards.

Lex Stray shows off her Life Membership Certificate at the Awards Night