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WOW! I won 2nd Prize !!

Last week I received a glossy brochure in the mail - personally addressed to me and with a stamp on the envelope - not just a bulk mail-out.

It was supposedly from a company called Evening Star Holiday based in Malaysia.

Founded in 2004 this company is celebrating it's 11th Anniversary and as a promotion of its holiday packages there were two complimentary scratch & win vouchers enclosed.

I won 2nd prize ... $USD165,000.00

All I had to do was ring the company to claim my prize.

A quick check on the internet confirmed my suspicions ... before I can collect my prize I have to "submit taxes and other mandatory charges."

According to a number of internet sites ... THIS IS A FRAUD so don't get caught

Type evening star holidays 11th anniversay into your browser to find further information.

Looks like my overseas trip this month is off..

For futher information have a look at the following site: