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Like to be a Foster Carer?

You want to give back to the community but not really sure how to do it other than giving a cash donation?? If you really want to make a difference, how about doing it at a grass roots level and become a foster carer to a child or young person in your own community.

At the very least you will ensure a child receives basic dental care, access to health care, opportunities for education and a safe home environment. At the very most…well it’s unmeasurable.

Being a foster carer for someone else’s child is a tough gig, there is no denying that. On the surface it appears there is little reward. There are changes to your own lifestyle; it’s less about you and more about them. However, the simple gesture of taking in a child and offering them stability, care and a loving environment can have an enormous impact on a child or young person for the rest of their lives. A caring gesture can change a person’s life.

Foster carers who have been around for a while tell  stories of  children who they once cared for, contacting them many years on and expressing thanks for helping them during a tough time in their life and reminiscing about their experiences when they were young and in care. It is not uncommon for foster children, once they have moved on and become independent adults to remain in contact with their foster carers.

Foster carers experience it all, frustration and fun, anger and sadness, laughter and playfulness, it is exhausting work. Most carers find being a foster carer a life changing experience. For the child, it is a life changing experience.

Most parents will tell you raising a child is hard work, raising someone else’s child is a little bit harder. However the end result is the same. We want to raise children to become happy, healthy, social individuals who participate in our community. Children who are not cared for do not have the same opportunities as those who are cared for and their health, emotional state and social activities are diminished. If we want a happy healthy community we need to nurture our children, all of them.

Foster carers from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds are urgently needed in the Grampians region for children of all ages; Think about becoming a foster carer. Please contact Di Walker or Glenn Licheni at Child and Family Services Ballarat Inc. on 5337 3333 for information on becoming a foster carer.