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Bannockburn Primary School

As of the first day of the school year we had 550 children attending Bannockburn Primary School. We welcomed 62 new Prep children who made a wonderful start to the year.

We also welcomed some new staff:
Ms Debra Daffy- Gr 4
Mrs Rachelle Koeppler – Gr 5
Ms Meg Lougheed- Gr 5 
Ms Aimee Lynch – Prep
Ms Katrina Daws- Gr 1

We are all looking forward to an exciting year of learning. 

Many members of the Bannockburn community will have seen our two new cubbies positioned near the Prep playground. These are the legacy of last year’s Grade 6 group who raised the money to purchase them. Our children are already having a lot of fun in the cubbies. 

Parking Around The School
Just a reminder to anyone dropping off or collecting children. Parking around the school, particularly at 3.30pm will always be an issue. There is not enough parking for the high need times. 

Drivers are reminded:-
•  DO NOT park in driveways
•  DO NOT park in bus areas
•  DO NOT park in disabled spaces (unless you have a permit)
•  DO NOT double park
•  Help children cross the road and don’t call them across.

Circus Oz
Over several days some of our students were lucky enough to attend classes with Circus Oz during sessions held @The Heart. Everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed their time learning the basics of many aspects of circus performing. 

School Leaders’ Presentation
Recently we were fortunate enough to present our student leaders (school captains, house captains etc) with their badges at a special assembly. It was great to see so many parents join us for this event. We were also joined by local basketballer, Jason Reardon, who presented our Sports Captains and Vice Captains with their badges. 

Congratulations to the following students on becoming one our 2016 Student Leaders

School Captains: Flynn Foran & Paige Simpson
School Vice Captains: Patrick Johnstone, Toby Inei, Ashlyn Kelly & Charlie Connors 

Bruce Captains: Christopher Watson & Hannah Lewis
Bruce Vice Captains: Byron Mahoney & Izzy Hawkes 

Leigh Captains: Cooper Vaughan & Phoebe Vivian
Leigh Vice Captains: Quade Kaiser & Ella Barker 

Wabdallah Captains: Cody Mayor & Mia Sharkey 
Wabdallah Vice Captains:Ryan Humphries & Tahlia Troy

Arts Captains: Bree Hutchinson, Kaylee Towart,  Carter Price, Grace Jozwik, Hayden Nicol, Kelsey Hill

School Oval Rejuvenation Project
School Council is seeking expressions of interest from people in the school and wider community who have skills, knowledge or equipment that can help get the grass on the oval growing again and make it more usable. The surface is currently a mix of sand, clay and gravel, which is tough on young knees.

We are creating a plan that would see the planting of seed before the end of the term to give it a couple of weeks free of students while it gets established.

We are also happy to hear any ideas people may have on making the oval safe for ball sports that may not involve grass, synthetics, magic, etc. 

If you can offer any assistance please contact Niall Brown 0427 947 315, Jim McCredden 0439 752 544 or contact the school office on 5281 1755.

Student Achievements
Visual Art Update
All students have made a wonderful start to the term. It has been great to see all the students return from the break ready to learn and have fun in the art room. 

To start us off this year, the students have been busy creating art pieces around the theme ‘All about Me’.

The main focus this far has been on learning and exploring the art elements of line, shape and colour. The students have been busy making patterned hands, self-portraits through drawing and using shape cut outs, creating scenes of how we could make Mona Lisa smile, optical illusion art pieces and graffiti styled name designs.

Ms O’Hara, Miss McFarlane and Mrs Fraser are very impressed with the level of effort the students are putting into their artwork! We can’t wait to show it off around the school for all to see. 

Also, just a little reminder to please send an art smock along to school with your child if you haven’t already done so in order for them to participate in all art activities.

French News  - Term 1 2016
We welcomed Miss Sandy Boue into our French classes in Week 2. Prep students are engaging with Sandy in oral activities and songs using our puppets Jake, Bof and Polly, and our Grade 2 students have undertaken intensive conversational practice. Our Grade 3 and four students have been consolidating their speaking skills with a chorus of French being heard from the French room which is magnifique! The Grade 5-6 groups have begun their French studies with enthusiasm and are to be commended on their bravery in beginning spoken conversations with their classmates as early as the second lesson. 

Students are working on a number of projects this term including picture story books, correspondence with our sister school in France and marionettes with accompanying information about students and their family. 

All levels are utilising technological applications to enhance their understanding in French.

Merci! Madame Watson

In grade 5-6 the students are creating their own dances, inspired by some of the dance elements: shape, energy, space (pathways, level and direction) and time (rhythm and speed). The students are working in small groups to create an original dance. It has been fantastic to see some students utilizing their own time and taking advantage of lunchtime practice in the foyer.

In grade 2-4 the students are learning to copy sequences of dance moves. The students have been learning some dance moves to ‘Uptown Funk- Bruno Mars’.  We have been focussing on identifying the different sections of the song and how the dance sequences are repeated. We are achieving success by learning small chunks at a time. It has been wonderful to see students having a go and doing their personal best.

In grade Prep and 1 the students are exploring singing through call and answer songs. We are exploring using our bodies to show the beat and rhythm of the songs. The students have also begun to explore percussion instruments. The Preps and 1’s have shown a great enthusiasm to start of our year of music.

Physical Education
In PE our grade 3-6 students have been focusing on Athletics undertaking a variety of field and track events. We have been watching the performance and techniques of elite athletes and using this vision to build our own techniques. Students have also been able to video and watch back their own effort to see how they perform. Our Athletics Carnival is on Monday 21st March at Goldsworthy Reserve Corio. We hope to see many parents come along and cheer us along. 

In Grade 1/2 we have started the year building up our catching, throwing and bouncing skills. We are combining these with movement activities and are being very active in our sessions. Once we build these skills up then we will look to move into minor games that include these skills. 

Our grade Prep students are being invited to play and explore in PE. We are investigating all the equipment that maybe used in our program. We are running, climbing, bouncing, playing with balls and learning about how we be active at school.