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Teesdale Primary School

Welcome Family Picnic
What a lovely way to welcome families and staff to the new year with a Welcoming Family Picnic last Tuesday.

We have a number of new families in our Prep class and across the school.  We have a student population of 173, about the same as last year.  We also have a number of new staff joining us this year and would like to welcome Mrs Breheny, Mrs Ciavarella, Mrs Daffy, Mr Leonard, Miss Longmire and Mrs Di Matheson.  

A terrific response was received from families who attended from 5-7pm and joined in a number of the fun activities. Some brought along a picnic tea and sat around on picnic blankets and chairs. The children were happy to grab a sausage or two at the BBQ and we are pleased to say there were plenty of sausages for adults too! 

Everyone enjoyed playing Cat and Mouse, Treasure Hunt and especially the Egg and Spoon Races (with small water balloons instead of eggs). It certainly suited the hot night!  The weather held out for us and it turned into a very warm but calm night, although some rain later would have been nice for our thirsty gardens.  

The event was a great opportunity to meet other families and also members of the staff team.  A School Council meeting and Annual General Meeting followed the event at 7pm.

School Council Elections Result
At the close of the School Council election period there were six parents duly elected to a two year term: Natalie Schwuch, Sonja Ginn, Samantha Laro-Bashford, Sue Kelly, Liisa Weatherly and Lana Van Galen.  We appreciate the support of parents to further improve our school outcomes.  

Staff elected representatives are: Meg Andrews, Lilian Pitaro and Peta Haberfield.  Thank you to staff for their support of School Council.   

Our first School Council meeting for this year began with the Annual General Meeting where the election of Office Bearers took place.  Congratulations to Samantha for accepting the position of School Council President.  A vote of thanks was expressed recognising the contributions of retiring members Clair Whiteley and Stewart Seaton.

Meet and Greet Interviews
We will have initial “meet & greet” interviews with parents with the purpose to understand more about our student’s circumstances and for parents to get to know the classroom teachers. These interviews can take the form of a formal meeting scheduled for Tuesday 1st March, or at a mutually arranged other time with the classroom teacher before or after school.   

Thank regarding to our parents for navigating the new Parent Portal to book their interview time.

Prep Working Bee 
A Prep Working Bee was held on Sunday, 28th February from 9am  -  11am.  The Working Bee was for all family members and provided a great opportunity to both improve the school environment and meet other community members.  It was good to meet our prep families at the Working Bee and tick off all the tasks planned.  

Tasks included troughs clean, drain clears, cutting and clearing small branches and growth.  Everyone enjoyed a welcome cuppa and pat on the back for a job well done.  Thank you to everyone who came along and gave up their Sunday morning.

Our Five Values at Teesdale
Our five Values – Respect, Friendship, Excellence, Honesty and Resilience, play an important part in our discussions with students.  Students are readily learning the Five Values and what the behaviours that demonstrate those behaviours can mean.  Our continuing work on Values is aimed at providing students with the ability to self-reflect on their behaviour choices and social competency skills.  We include Values activities throughout the week – including Student Awards, Values Song, classroom discussions and staff meeting discussions.  We encourage all families to utilise the Values Sheet and Song (which were sent home last week) to aid our shared work on developing strong social competency skills in all students.

Extra Curricula Activities
There are a range of extra curricula activities available to our students throughout the year.  This includes:
• Out of School Hours Care
• Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Program
• Sporting Schools
• swimming for Years 1-2 and 
• school camps for Years 3-6.

Our Sporting Schools term 1 program began last Thursday with 20 students attending the first of four Soccer clinics.

Teesdale Primary School Coffee Shop – Now Open! 
We are very pleased to be initiating our Teesdale PS Coffee Shop!  Our plan is to open the Coffee Shop once a month on a Wednesday, from 11:30am -12:15pm.   Through the support of our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen staff, we will be engaging students in Years 3-6 in all aspects of service delivery.  We are also planning to incorporate student performance to engage customers.  

All parents, friends and community members are most welcome.  Prices are very reasonable, great chance for a social catch up and a novel way to support the school programs.  

Our official opening was Wednesday, 24th February and it was great to see so many enjoying a coffee, cake and chat.  The next one will be held on Wednesday 23rd March, so please make a note of the date and come along and enjoy.

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If you would like to know more about our school, please phone us during school hours on 5281 5218 or head to our website at:

• Back to school is cool!

• Don’t forget to practise for cross country this term!

• Hope you enjoyed our Welcome Picnic Night!