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Bannockburn Golf Club News

The Bannockburn Golf Club has just completed the 2016 Open Tournament. This is the second time that the tournament has run during summer instead of the traditional winter timeslot.

There have been many visitors to the club over the weekend with many comments made about the superb playing conditions of the course during the tournament. With ideal weather conditions and much hard work by the members and the committee of the club leading up to and over the whole weekend this year’s open has again been very successful. 

Wednesday 10th February was the Ladies Opening Day for 2016, with their first comp of the year. It was wonderful to have many playing and non playing lady members enjoying lunch and the presentation of ‘The Ladies Summer Competition’ winner.

Congratulations to the first ‘Ladies Summer Competition’ winner, June Peterson. June played consistent golf over the summer even on those very warm days. 

Also congratulation to the winner of Bannockburn Kitchens sponsored Men’s Summer Cup winner won by Allan Lennon who played some fine golf over the summer period.

Another break in by burglars has occurred over the summer months at the club with the loss of some very significant items of plant that club volunteers use to maintain the course.  

The General Committee are now installing security cameras in and around the clubhouse and workshop for added security. It is certainly very disappointing to our members that there are individuals out there in the community who have such low values in life in that they can come in and steal and damage items from a golf club that is entirely run by volunteers. 

Open Results
Friday 19 February 4BBB 
Winner of the Norm Carroll Memorial & Vets: B Cameron & P McCarthy +12
2nd Vets: K LeMaitre & P Bogie +9
3rd Vets: P Brown & P Linke +8
Open Winners: D Beasley & M Foott +8
2nd: I Steven & G Seidel +7
3rd: K Boddington & N Hickman + 6
NTP's 1st: B McDonald. 3rd: M Condie 10th: B McDonald 15th L Evans.

Saturday 20 February Bannockburn Open 27 Holes
Scratch Winner: R McFarlane 111. B Grade C Kelly 119. C Grade: B McDonald 131 D Grade G Nash 134.
Net Winners A Grade D Smith 109net. B Grade 106 net. C Grade L Evans 110.5net D Grade T Melville 109net
Winners minor prizes 18 Hole D Gear 68. net: Nine Out 31.5net. Nine in, D Kelly 34.5net.
NTP's 1st. G Nash. 3rd. G Leach. 10th . K Alford. 15th. B Gillett

Sunday February 4 Person Ambrose
Winners: Gross: S. LeMaitre, M LeMaitre K LeMaitre, D LeMaitre 62
Winners Net V. Dobson, Adam Dobson A. Joyce, Henk Kersten 67-11.5-55.5
Runners Up Net A Gulino, A Scott, G. Armstrong, D Armstrong. 62-6.3/8- 55.5/8
NTP's 1st R Toyne, 3rd G Thomas, 10th, L Evans 15th. D LeMaitre
Straightest Drive Ladies: J Purcell. Men, M Kennedy.

Other Results
17 February 18 Holes Par
Winner: A. Pfarrer +1, R. Pfarrer 0, P. Graham -4
NTP: R. Pfarrer, MAGPIE: R. Pfarrer

13 February Stroke Monthly Medal
Winners: G Leach 66net & winner of A grade and Monthly medal; A Joyce 67net, 
L Bagley 71net & Winner of B Grade; Balls to 73 net
Nearest the Pins, 3rd P. Graham, 10th D Brogden, 15th M McLaren, 17th R Dalton
Birdie Hole G Leach & A Joyce
Mid Week Winners: H Kersten 39pts B Hughes 34pts M Satchell 33 pts
Junior of the Week J Rabusin

10 February 9 Holes Stableford
Winner: H. Phillips 19pts, A. Pfarrer 18pts, A. Gulino 17pts
NTP: 10th R. Pfarrer, MAGPIE: 15th A. Gulino

6 February 
A Grade C Gillett 2up, G Leach2 up cb.
B Grade A Green 4 up, B Hughes 3 up
Nearest The Pins 8th Greg Armstrong, 15th C Gillett,17th M McLaren
Midweek 18 holes: Winners: W Levick 37, S Hughes 35, R Crockett 33.
Midweek 9 Holes: Ian Henderson 20pts

3 February Summer Comp. 18 Holes Stableford
Winner: A. Pfarrer 29pts c/b to E. Lynch
NTP: 10th P. Graham, MAGPIE: 8th Club

30 January Par
Winners: A Grade I Henderson +4. M Satchell +2, B Grade Dick Van Den Bosch +1 cb T Salter + 1 Balls to -1
Winner of the Singles Knockout: G Armstrong
Nearest The Pins, 1st G. Armstrong, 15th T Sauni
Midweek 18 holes: Winners: H. Kersten 39pts B McDonald 33pts T Sauni 33 A Scott 32
Midweek 9 Holes: G Armstrong 16pts

26 January Stableford Aust Day
Winners: Joe Cauchi 38pts, F Hitchcock 36,M Pfarrer 35, H Kersten 35, I Henderson 35, Balls to 34
Nearest the Pins 3rd K Davis 15thD McKenna 17th A Pfarrer

23 January 2016 Stableford
Winners: M Beasley 42pts,B Grade, A Lennon 40, D Beasley 40pts A Grade, I Henderson 39, A Joyce 37, Balls to 32
Nearest the Pins 3rd H Kersten 8th T Sauni, 10th M Foott, 15th M Foott, 17th H Kersten
Chicken Run G Armstrong 23

16 January 2016 Par Monthly Medal
Winners: A Lennon +3, A Scott +2, G Smith +1, I Henderson 0 Balls to -2
Nearest the Pins
1st A Lennon, 3rd D Van Den Bosch, 15th A Joyce, Birdie Hole 18th S Malone.
Midweek 18 Holes Winners: D Van Den Bosch 37pt cb Gunter Moosbrugger 37 pts A 
Joyce 35 pts I Henderson 33 pts
Midweek 9 Holes  P Graham 16 pts

9 January 2016 Two Person Ambrose
Winners: A Scott & D Armstrong net 61, A Joyce & V Dobson net 63, S Mullen & 
R Dalton net 63 1/2.
Nearest the Pins 1st: H Kersten, 3rd: G Armstrong, 10th G Armstrong, 15th R Dalton
Midweek 9 holes winner A Joyce 15pts
Midweek 18 Holes Winners B Hughes 44pts, H Kersten 35pts, D Crocket 34pt, D Van Den Bosch 33pts

2 January 2016 2 Person Aggregate Stableford Secret Partners
Winners J Peterson & V Graham 64 pts, Ian Henderson & B Moritz 64pts, G Moosbrugger K Davis 63.
Best individual score V Graham 36 pts & P Linke 36 pts
Nearest the Pins 1st H Prince, 3rd Toby Sauni , Magpie hole P Linke, Birdie hole 17th P Linke
Mid Week 18 holes Winners: D Armstrong 40 pts G Armstrong 36 pts G leach 35 pts S Hughes 34 pts
Mid Week 9 holes A Pfarrer 17 pts M Pfarrer 16 pts
Next week 2 Person Ambrose

31 December 2015 Stroke Monthly Medal
Winners: S Carty 66, D Armstrong 69, M McLaren 70, A Green 71, B Moritz 72
NTP's  1st D Armstrong, 17th Magpie hole M Pfarrer
Midweek 18 hole Winners: M Pfarrer 34, H Kersten 33,S Day 32
Midweek 9 hole Winners B Harmon 17