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Geelong Landcare Network

Info session: Composting for soil improvements  Friday 11th March
An information session on domestic and broad-acre composting is being held on Friday  11th March, 2pm at the Inverleigh Community Hall (main street).

The session will cover composting basics, backyard composting methods and the latest updates on broad-acre composting trials in the Geelong region. Discounted backyard compost bins available for sale on the day, thanks to Golden Plains Shire. Refreshments provided. Free event. All welcome!

Growing our own trees at Karingal Community Nursery
Several trays of seeds were sown in January including River Red Gums, Yellow Gums, Manna Gums, She Oaks and Wattles. 

The germination rate was excellent and we’re now busy pricking out seedlings and potting them up into individual tubes (pots). 

The wattle seeds required a special hot water treatment before they were sown, to help them germinate. They came up very thickly and we discovered the roots give out a strong distinctive odour – earthy and kind of like bad socks! 

All going well, by Winter we should have a few thousand young trees and shrubs ready to be planted out on local farms.

Greening the Geelong Hinterland 
The Geelong Landcare Network has been successful in obtaining a $60k grant under the Federal Government’s 20 Million Trees Program, for revegetation and habitat protection. This ‘Greening the Geelong Hinterland’ project will enable us to continue the job of building shelterbelt links and wildlife corridors across the landscape, with a target of 24 hectares of tree-planting.  

If you have revegetation projects you’d like to do on your property, now is the time to get in touch.

Elissa Ashton-Smith, Facilitator, Geelong Landcare Network
23 High St, Inverleigh, 3321

Ph 0438 525 502