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Maude & District Landcare Group

The next meeting of the Landcare group is to be held on Thursday, 3rd. March 2016 at the Maude Tennis Pavilion at 8pm.

Our 2016 rabbit poisoning campaign was held in early February and was a well supported and well oiled event. Participants came from far and wide, including Balliang, Staughton Vale, Rowsley, Lethbridge, Meredith, Bamganie and our Landcare Group’s area. Both 1080 and Pindone poisoned carrot were available and 59 landholders took part, the majority using Pindone.

It is encouraging that there are now four other community poisoning campaigns in the area surrounding Geelong – Batesford, Barrabool Hills, Modewarre and Freshwater Creek. This should result in better coverage and less traveling for some participants.

All landholders in Maude Landcare Group’s area should receive a letter soon regarding Serrated Tussock. There is great concern that there are some extensive areas locally where this important weed is growing unchecked. We all have it – no one can prevent the seed being spread by the wind – but we encourage everyone to play your part and remove every plant you can find on your land.

There was mention in the media recently of the possibility of Barwon Water’s share of water in the Lal Lal reservoir being transferred to Central Highlands Water, to augment the dwindling supplies for the Ballarat area.

This would be spell disaster for the environmental health of the Moorabool river below Lal Lal as well as for those landholders who rely on the river for stock and domestic water supplies.

It is unclear as to who is advocating this transfer, but it must not be allowed to occur. 

Most of the summer flows below Lal Lal are due to Barwon Water transferring water from Lal Lal to the She Oaks Treatment Plant, from where it is pumped to Geelong. The meagre amount that flows past the She Oaks weir is usually also due to these transfers.

Without this water, it is likely that the Moorabool River below Lal Lal will cease flowing for much of the summer period, except for the occasional flush of Environmental water, which is unlikely to make it right through to Batesford.

There has been a lot of very good work done by Corangamite Catchment Management Authority and others in recent times to improve the health of the river – this water entitlement transfer would more than undo that good work.

Even though it would be politically unpopular, urban populations cannot expect to go through severe drought without water restrictions. That should be the first step to take.