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Batesford, Fyansford, Stonehaven Landcare Group

Living in the regional Australia. 
Most of us in the Goldens Plains Shire live on farms or in semi-rural or peri urban environments and we have chosen this way of living for a variety of reasons of which the following are likely ones:

Clean air, a quiet and pleasant country environment, a good place to bring up children, affordable housing, job opportunities, a sense of community, and you could add others.

When we move into one of these rural communities, perhaps  moving from the city, so as to have the benefits of country living and maybe to enjoy a bushland or forested environment, do we ever ask ourselves what responsibilities we have to the land and the community? They include the following:

Being sensitive to the needs of the neighbouring farming community as well as the protected flora and fauna reserves. This means protecting, respecting, and being aware of the role of the farming community, as well as the various reserves set aside in  fragile natural environments, which include forests, woodlands and grasslands. 

This involves keeping weeds and pest animals such as rabbits on your properties under control. These pests rapidly destroy plants, erode land and consequently threaten valuable food production on agricultural land, as well as reducing the habitat for our diminishing native fauna and flora which means reducing our biodiversity, our gene pool.

Many children these days enjoy trail bikes and they require supervision. They should only be ridden on the designated tracks provided in the Shire so as to prevent damaging  protected and fragile bushland plants off track.

Most of us like to have pet animals. If not properly managed our domestic cats or dogs will wander (especially at night), beyond our properties and hunt and mostly kill native wildlife or form packs and harass and kill farm animals.

Finally, taking wood from designated protected areas, lighting fires in the warmer summer months, (watch out for sparks from mowers or machinery), or dumping your rubbish on public land and expecting others to clean up after you is illegal. Yes, some people do this!