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Bannockburn Fire Brigade

Daylight Savings finishes on Sunday 3rd April 2016. It’s the perfect time to change your clock, change your Smoke Alarm Battery.

Only working smoke alarms save lives. While you are asleep you are unlikely to smell smoke.  A working smoke alarm is vital to making sure you will wake up in the event of a fire.

How to keep your smoke alarm in working order:
•  Use long-lasting 9V alkaline batteries in your smoke alarm - by doing this you ensure year-round protection
•  Use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to dust around the smoke alarm
•  Install photo-electric smoke alarms
•  Test smoke alarms once a month. The alarm should produce a loud "beep beep beep beep" sound when you press the test button using a broom handle
•  Replace all smoke alarms (both battery powered and 240v hard-wired) after ten years (the year of manufacture is displayed on the alarm)
•  Purchase smoke alarms that meet Australian Standards. Look for the AS3786 marking

Waiting until the smoke alarm beeps before you change the battery is too late - this indicates that the battery is already flat, and your family is not protected. Change your smoke alarm battery every year. 

Do your kids know what to do when the smoke alarm goes off?
Simple actions like getting down low and crawling under smoke save lives, and every family should have a home fire escape plan that identifies all possible escape routes.

Smoke alarms for the hearing impaired
Special smoke alarms are available for the hearing impaired. These should feature a flashing strobe light and a vibrating pad that can be placed under the pillow to activate when the alarm sounds.

Hearing impaired smoke alarms can link with standard smoke alarms to alert all household members, regardless of hearing levels. When one alarm senses smoke, all will activate.

Other models are portable units that can be taken from one residence to another.

Smoke Alarm subsidy for deaf people
Profoundly deaf people can apply for a smoke alarm subsidy to help cover the costs of visual and vibrating smoke alarms, for further details contact the Victorian Deaf Society.

Bannockburn CFA Members will be at the Golden Plains Farmers Market on Saturday 2 April to talk to you about fire safety in your home. We will be handing out a limited number of replacement batteries for smoke alarms to people holding Seniors cards.

Need a smoke alarm for your Caravan? Bannockburn Brigade have alarms suitable for your caravan available for purchase at $20.

Fire Season 2015/16 is coming to an end
Fortunately it has been a quiet fire season in the Bannockburn Brigade area. Thanks to everyone for doing the right thing during peak fire danger days. 

Please remember that Fire Restrictions are still in place so no burning off without a written permit. Check Golden Plains Shire web page for ending of restrictions. No date has been set for this as yet. Information will also be placed on the Brigade Facebook page when lifting of restrictions is planned.

To keep updated on what is happening in your area 
•  download the Fire Ready Ap to get immediate updates on local fire activity
•  “like” Bannockburn CFA on Facebook
•  See more at: or

For further information regarding local issues please call Captain Barry Planner on 0408 525 157