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Farewell at Murgheboluc

Local identities David and Anne Cotsell were farewelled at their last Murgheboluc Reserve Committee of Management meeting in November 2015, by current President Ken Hose.

David and Anne have sold their beloved property “Athelston”, which is opposite the Reserve, after living there for 25 years and will move into West Geelong.  They have both been actively involved in the management of the reserve as Secretary,Treasurer and booking officer for the many activities at the reserve.  

The reserve is on crown land and relies on local interested people to see to the upkeep of this treasure in the Murgheboluc region through the Committee of Management.  President Ken and his wife Monica have also sold their property “Montado” in Murgheboluc after 19 years dedicated involvement with the reserve, so the Committee of Management is now looking for locals to fill the gap left by these two long serving families;  5 – 7 people are required .  

Currently the reserve is managed by Fiona Inglis, Treasurer and booking officer, Elizabeth McKay, Secretary and Di Hickleton and Neil Winter who are committee members. If you are interested in being involved with the reserve please phone Elizabeth on 0410 294 110.

The continuation of the reserve needs YOU.