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Will Your Car Still be there Tomorrow?

Over recent weeks there has been an increase in suspect activity in the Bannockburn and surrounding areas with an alarming trend similar to that of offences which have been occurring in the Geelong and Ballarat area.

Offenders are travelling to this area and moving around the streets checking for unlocked vehicles parked in driveways and removing items including remote controls for automatic garage roller doors. They then use the remote to gain access to the garage before entering the homes through unlocked internal garage doors.

The offenders then locate car keys from inside the homes and steal vehicles from the driveway or street.

Of great concern is offenders are committing these crimes while the families are asleep inside the homes and are often able to do this without disturbing the occupants.

In the current climate it is important to ensure all vehicles parked outside the home are locked at all times and if possible garage remote controls should not be kept inside the vehicles. It is also worth considering concealing keys and remotes in a location more difficult for offenders to locate if access is gained to the home.

There have also been a number of other suspect activities reported where offenders have accessed rear yards through unlocked side gates and attempted to gain entry to homes or garages.

Please be vigilant and conscious of your families security, if you observe any suspect activity immediately contact 000 and do not approach or confront offenders.