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Bannockburn Water Supply Update

Some Barwon Water customers in the Golden Plains region may have noticed a change in the taste of their water over recent months.

Barwon Water General Manager Infrastructure Services Paul Northey said it was normal practice to use water from Lal Lal Reservoir in the Moorabool system over summer.

With summer over, Barwon Water would now change the supply for Bannockburn, Teesdale, Shelford and Inverleigh customers back to the greater Geelong supply system, he said.

Customers in Meredith and Lethbridge would also return to their normal supply from the Stony Creek Reservoirs.

Mr Northey also flagged further supply changes later this month.

“The Melbourne to Geelong Pipeline and the Barwon Downs borefield are being brought into operation in response to the continuing dry conditions.

“Bannockburn, Teesdale, Shelford and Inverleigh’s water from the Geelong system will be blended with supplies from the borefield. As a result, some customers again may notice a change in taste,” he said.

Mr Northey said all water supplied was 100 per cent safe to drink and compliant with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

“Barwon Water’s water quality and operations teams constantly monitor water quality and treatment processes and will make adjustments where possible to reduce the effect of the combined water sources,” he said.