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Haddon Flexi Learn Courses Offer Participants The Best Of Both Worlds

Haddon Community Learning Centre (HCLC) is set to break new ground with the introduction of Flexi Learn Online training.

Manager Joan Coker announced that the Centre was now accepting bookings for a blended learning delivery of an “Essentials Computers” course scheduled to start in May and that they were also taking expressions of interest for a sustainable farming course planned to start in July. These courses combine self-paced learning at home with face-to-face and supported sessions. 

“Both courses are specially designed for people who find it hard to attend learning programs during working hours or outside their local community,” Joan Coker said.  The “Essential Computers Online” course is designed specifically for people who want to learn about and gain more knowledge in use of their computers but find it hard to access training near their home or business or if they are working,” Joan said.

“While students can complete most of the training in the comfort of their own home, we have also scheduled three or four face-to-face sessions to assist them. The first session is designed to help students get started and the remaining provide the opportunity to talk over any challenging topics with an experienced tutor.  These face-to-face classes can be held at a central location convenient for everyone taking part so long as internet access is available.”

The courses have been targeted especially for people who live in the Golden Plains, Pyrenees and Central Highlands regions so anyone who wants to learn more about computers or sustainable farming is very welcome to enrol.

“Essential Computers consists of eight lessons and focuses on helping people to work more efficiently together even remotely. The course will teach students how to find their way around Googledrive so they can use it to create, add and upload a file or folder, and share files so they can work together on projects. “They’ll also learn how to use an online discussion board and scan and upload documents using other devices such as mobile phones.”

 “As well as learning how to work with files and folders, the course will focus on teaching students how to become comfortable with the latest online services and applications such as Dropbox, Googledocs and photo editing with Picasa. 

“Googledocs is another important part of the course and participants will have the opportunity to learn how to use it to produce spreadsheets and presentations.

“Last but not least, participants will explore the photo editing software Picasa and use it to locate and edit photos, create their own collections and even use the program to create movies,” Joan said.

On successful completion of these courses, students will receive a certificate of participation listing their achievements.  

Essential Computers Online” costs only $65 per person ($56 if they hold eligible concession cards). Joan encourages anyone interested in taking part to talk to her about the fees if they are a barrier to undertaking the courses.

The sustainable farming course runs for 10 weeks. This course provides the knowledge and skills to introduce sustainable farming techniques and methods to improve productivity of the land. It combines video tutorials, written texts, online journals, farm-based projects and group online discussions and covers topics including:

• the impact of sustainability on farming practices;

• how sustainability improves profit margins;

• integrated pest management;

• crop rotation, and 

• how to improve soil quality on farms

The sustainable farming course costs $85 or $70 with an eligible concession card.

To enrol in either of these short Flexi Learn Online courses, visit the Centre office at 396 Sago Hill Road, Haddon, call 5342 7050 or email: You can also visit the organisation on Facebook at:

The HCLC is a member of the Learn Local network of more than 300 not-for-profit organisations spread across Victoria. Learn Local centres offer adult community education and pre-accredited training to people from all walks of life as a result of funding and support from the State Government of Victoria through its ACFE (Adult Community & Further Education) program.  These organisations work with learners and businesses to tailor their programs to individual needs and goals. Programs and courses are delivered in a variety of ways including in informal learning environments at the organization and online. For more information see the website at: