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Maude Fire Brigade

Summer Fire Restrictions have now been lifted. There have been a significant number of callouts to burnoffs which have escaped, or where the fire has been left with no adult supervision.

It is very important that landowners let Vicfire know when you are going to do some burning off. It can be very embarrassing to have fire trucks turn up needlessly – and very frustrating for the volunteers who have to give up their work or leisure time to man the trucks. 

A simple phone call to Vicfire on phone 1800 688 511 will solve the problem – and it is free!

Our annual Trash, Treasure and Craft Market was held on the 1st May. After all the beautiful warm, but very dry, weather we have had for weeks, we were woken at about 2am to thunder, lightning and rain!

Could it not have waited for just one more day? 

In spite of the really dreadful weather, cold with extremely strong westerly wind and a few brief showers, our faithful supporters and stall holders turned up as ever, and the results will be well worth the effort.

The next meeting of the Brigade Fundraising Sub-Committee will be held on Monday, 23rd. May, 2016 at 7.30 at the Fire Station. Any interested local folk will be warmly welcomed.

The will be a Brigade meeting on Wednesday, 15th June at the Maude Tennis Pavilion.