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Lawn Bowls and Special Awards for Bannockburn CFA members

On Saturday 23rd April members and families of the Bannockburn Fire Brigade enjoyed an afternoon session of Barefoot Bowls hosted by the Bannockburn Bowling Club.

A great fun afternoon event, where some hidden talents were exposed. We thank the Bannockburn Bowls Club for a great introductory session to their sport. 

Following the bowling some significant awards were presented by Bob Barry, Assistant Chief Officer, CFA Barwon South West Region:

1. The National Service Medal, to Captain Barry Planner, Brian Bartlett, Kelvin Round and Secretary Lyell Reeves. 

2. Presentation and naming of the Brigade Communications Room as the “Ron and Joan Morellion Communications Room” for their long loyal and valuable service to the CFA and the Bannnockburn Community

3. Presentation to Joan Moreillon and Ron Morellion (Posthumously) of medals to accompany significant service badges already received following new classification

The National Service Medal is awarded by the Governor General to personnel in Australia's emergency services. This award recognises prolonged exposure to hazard in the service of the community. It is available to operational members in approved organisations that protect life and property at some risk to their members. This includes government agencies such as ambulance, correctional, emergency, fire and police forces, and voluntary organisations such as lifesaving and search and rescue groups. Our 4 members satisfied the eligibility criteria for this Award, and this was fully endorsed by Brigade Members at one of our regular Brigade Meetings

L to R: Operations Officer Geoff McGill, National Medal recipients Brian Bartlett,
Kelvin Round, Lyell Reeves and Barry Planner with ACO Bob Barry

The naming of the “Ron and Joan Moreillon Communications Room” recognizes the life-long service provided to the local community and to the CFA by the Moreillon family. 

Ron passed away on 18th December 2014, so we were privileged to have the company of Joan and one of their sons, Doug Moreillon present for the presentation. 

Quote from Doug Moreillon “Mum and I had a great evening. Thank you to all involved. Our family really appreciates your naming of the Comms Room after Dad & Mum”

An article in a previous edition of Bannews, this gives us a quick summary of Ron and Joan’s involvement:

It is fair to say that from 1944 until his death, Rons second family was the fire brigade - the CFA. Sometimes it even seemed to take precedence, but the family always understood. And it was a partnership with Joan and she was often just as involved as he. From the role of Secretary on his first day as a member in 1944, to 1st Lieutenant, numerous communication officer positions and eventually Region Control, Ron lived and breathed the CFA, both locally and regionally.  As Region Control, he coordinated the communications for Region 7, covering areas as far as Lorne, Winchelsea, Meredith, Anakie, Little River and the Bellarine peninsula.  He did all this, from the office of the family store during the day, and at home overnight, all while still running the business with help of Joan. 

During the height of a local fire, it was nothing to see the street outside the store, filled with fire tankers instead of farmers trucks. The 1969 fires were particularly memorable. The store office /CFA comms room was open 24 hours a day and with Ron in control of all radio traffic he actually spent 50 straight hours in that office ensuring that all was well co-ordinated.

Ron and Joan will be forever recognised as valued members of our Brigade each and every time we enter and use the Ron and Joan Moreillon Communications Room.

by David Musgrove

Mrs Joan Moreillon being presented with the Service Medals and the sign that will be mounted at the entrance of the fire station Communications Room by Capt. Barry Planner and ACO Bob Barry

Brigade members ditched fire fighting for the evening and showed instead
how to ditch bowls