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Bannockburn Football & Netball Club

Great position to be in mid season with senior’s resies and all netball teams in the top 5, some on top for the first time ever! Fantastic!

The juniors teams too are powering along- plenty to make us very excited! Auskick & Net set Go numbers quite staggering. 

Friday evenings at Vic Park a buzz with activity. Thanks so much to those involved. A BIG job! And so exciting for the Club.

Congratulations to our players who represented our Club and the G&DFL in the recent interleague – a shining example of sports personship, dedication and selflessness!

Busy times ahead with the social calendar getting a work out- please support our Club by taking part in the festivities!

June 4th Mid season concert “Gold Chisel”.
June 18th’ The Hypnotist’
July 2nd Family Trivia.
July 9th Past Players & Officials Day
July 24th Reverse Raffle
July 30th Mid Year Ball
August 13th Last Home game followed by Vote Count.

Watch social media for details or call the Club;

President Deniel 0418 509 576

Secretary Kath 0438 424 375