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Bannockburn Primary School

Oval Rejuvenation
At the start of the term School Council was pleased to report that the school oval had been re-seeded during the holidays. We had a landscaping firm sow seed in the first week of the holidays.

Over the last few weeks we have watched the grass shoot and grow and we are pleased to report that it continues to progress well. It has a good coverage of grass which had its first mow a few weeks ago. The area is now open at selected times for students to play on. 

Grade 3 Camp
Earlier this term we saw our grade 3 students attend their first school camp. There was great excitement as we waved off over 70 students. The grade 3’s had a wonderful 3 days away. Here are a few comments by some of the students:- 

“Pizza making was great. We had to start from scratch. We made the dough and got our hands very sticky. We picked our own toppings. I chose ham, tomato and cheese. Very delicious!”

“Boogie boarding was wonderful. Lincoln and Harry helped us learn. We had wetsuits on so we didn’t get cold. We caught a lot of waves!” 

“The Marine Discovery Centre was amazing. I wish you had been there to experience it. There was a touch tank that we could put our hands in to touch sea plants and animals. We learnt about cool sea animals like sea urchins and the puffer fish.”

Student Achievements
Our grade 4 students have been having a wonderful time in class this term. Here is a short synopsis of the work undertaken. 

During English we have been exploring persuasive texts. We created posters promoting the best holiday activities ever and investigated how advertisements convince us to buy things! We can use emotive language, ambitious vocabulary, and even rhetorical questions to convince our target audience!

Our mathematics focus so far this term has been subtraction, and how to solve problems using a variety of strategies. We are able to show our thinking using words, number sentences, pictures, and manipulatives including counters and MAB. 

In Science we have been exploring Simple Machines; how they work and how they help us. We can already identify inclined planes, and wheels and axles as simple machines. We are using scientific vocabulary including ‘force’ and ‘friction’, experimenting with different simple machines and recording our conclusions.

During Life Studies we developed a better understanding of ANZAC Day and why it is such an important day in Australia by researching historical facts and events. We wrote letters, created presentations, and discussed what happened at Gallipoli during the First World War. 

On April 27 we went to the Fort and Maritime Museum at Queenscliff. We had an amazing day and wish to thank ALL the people who helped make the day happen. We would especially like to thank Mr Simmons for organising everything and Amber’s mum and Zoe’s mum for coming with us. 

We are authors, mathematicians, scientists, historians and explorers!

Sporting News & Phys Ed
This term we have been extremely active with lots happening in the sporting world. We had over 300 students undertake our school cross-country at Victoria Park with quite warm conditions adding to our great efforts. Students, ran, walked and puffed their way through our 2km and 3km races. We had 20 students qualify for the Corio District level and 6 students then qualify to participate in the Geelong North Division. 

Bailey Rathje and Josh Nurnaitis recently tried out for the State Football team. Both boys trained and played very well and were unlucky not to go through to the next stage, but given that they are both only in Grade 5 they may get another chance to impress the selectors next year. 

Our Grade 5/6 students went off to Geelong Grammar for our Winter Lightning Premiership. Over 80 students participated in Football, Soccer, TBall, Volleystars and Netball.

In PE our focus has been looking at Soccer and ball control. With all Grades 2-6 students working with Foddy from the Victorian Football Federation promoting soccer. Students have been enjoying games of soccer. The junior school shifted their focus to tennis. Through the Sporting Schools Program we had access to Paul & Sue Anderson from “Who’s for Tennis” and they ran a basic introduction of the Hot Shots program over a few weeks. These are both sports which students can access in the local community. Please contact us if you would like some further information. 

Just a reminder for students to wear the appropriate footwear on the days we have PE or organised sport as it can make participation a little difficult at times in boots or Tbars.

Rob Nelson,  Principal

The Marine Discovery Centre