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Teesdale Primary School

Education Week 
Whilst we did not have a special event this year, there have been a range of recent extra activities and coming up events for parents to attend, including Winter Sports, Lightning Premiership, Walk to School Day, Goal–A–Thon and Café Openings.  In addition, parents are always most welcome to join us for our whole school assembly at 2.45 p.m. on Fridays.

Special Congratulations
I would also like to congratulate our teacher Helen Bathgate on receiving her 35 Year Service Award as part of the Education Week celebrations.  Helen has been a long serving staff member at Teesdale Primary School and has had a positive impact on the lives of many young people.  We congratulate Helen for her service to education.

We took it in our stride on Friday 20th May
National Walk to Safely to School Day 
All students and their families were encouraged to walk to school on this day and reinforce safe pedestrian behaviour.  Walk to School promotes the health benefits of walking and helps create regular walking habits at an early age.  Please ensure that children up to 10 years old hold an adult’s hand when crossing the road.  A special thank you to Golden Plains Shire who sponsored the event by providing a free Healthy Breakfast at arrival to school.  

eSmart – Being smart, safe and responsible
Your digital footprint:
Almost everything you do with technology leaves a trace: something called a digital footprint. Everyone you’ve spoken to, every image, chat or comment you’ve posted and every file you’ve downloaded. Digital footprints are almost impossible to erase.  Text message, photos and emails can be saved by the person you sent them to and then forwarded to many more people than you every intended.

You can delete a blog, a comment or image you’ve put online, but many people may have downloaded and saved it before you delete it – and a copy is always saved in the site’s archive.

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SAKGP Kitchen/Garden
Over the past three weeks in the garden we have been busy with some autumn jobs including: dividing and planting rhubarb and horseradish, planting peas, sowing our autumn green manure mix and with much excitement, making seed bombs!  

Our compost collection from the classrooms is in full swing and the Environment Committee is doing a fabulous job looking after this.

In the kitchen we were warmed last week with delicious vegetable soup and homemade bread. We also tasted feijoas, which were an interesting flavour: some described them to taste like a banana passion fruit. Thank you Fides Kapteina for kindly donating them and giving the students the opportunity to try something different! 

Thank you also to Cambria Parkinson for donating Steiglitz Goldfield garlic and Mrs Anne Fitzgerald and Mr Alan Redpath for the massive pile of horse manure. It is wonderful to have contributors to our program from outside the school community and we are very appreciative of your support. Also thank you Mrs Watts for the lemons and Mrs Southall for sweet potato, quince, pears and lemons.

WANTED Garden Volunteers!
Soon we will be adding some new plants to our garden with the $350 voucher won last year as part of the Victorian School Garden Awards. If there is anyone in our local community who would like to volunteer at school, we would love to hear from you.  There are many ways to help out at our school.  You may like to volunteer in the kitchen/garden classes, donate home-grown produce to our school, sew, bake or just help out with activities on event days.  All volunteers require a Working with Children’s Check, which is valid for 5 years at no cost for volunteers.

SAKGP Mudbrick Café
Our Café is proving to be a great success. We were also fortunate that our Department of Education and Training Area Executive Director, Peter Devereux, was able to attend.  Our Arts Committee had previously conducted auditions and selected two students, Chloe Mooney and Nyah O’Brien, to perform at the Café.  Our Community Committee also arranged all of the student hospitality services provided at the Café.  It was delightful to see the level of student engagement and also the very positive response from the community members present.  

Don’t forget that our café is only open one Wednesday a month between 11:30 a.m.–12:15 p.m. so make a note of the next date and come along to our next Café on Wednesday 8th June. All welcome!

Entertainment Books are on sale at Teesdale PS
$60.00 each with $12.00 going to our school

To order your Book or Digital Membership securely online visit:

Alternatively, call into the Teesdale school office and pick up your copy.

There are thousands of up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers to enjoy, so purchase yours today!

Parents and Friends Association (PFA)
At the time of writing this month’s article, the Speedy Goal-a-thon major fundraising event for our school was scheduled for the following Friday, so I cannot give you a full report just yet. All proceeds from the Goal-a-thon will directly benefit all students for their new “Sandpit Sensory Play Space”.  We encouraged parents and children to obtain as many sponsors as possible for this event!  The children were looking forward a chance the prizes:

• A grand prize for the overall HIGHEST fundraiser 
• The top fundraiser for EVERY class will be awarded 
• The top goal/hoop shooter for EVERY class will be awarded 

Thank you to our sponsors: Stockdale & Leggo Real Estate and De Grandi Cycle & Sport

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Teesdale Primary School PFA:

If you would like to know more about our school, please phone us during school hours on 5281 5218 or head to our website at:

•  It’s not okay to be away, school is cool!
•  Well done to all our competitors at the recent sporting events!
•  Don’t forget to visit The Mudbrick Cafe!, Wednesday 8th June