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Bannockburn Bowls Club

Social Bowls
May 5th - It's wonderful to have the support of members and visitors during the winter months at our Social Bowls days.  We welcome any people who want to participate in this great sport on these Thursday competitions.  You would be most welcome.


Winners:  Brent Baddley, Barry Merrett, Bev Hope and Lindsay Cross with the R/Up team of Les McInerney, Paul Brook, Chris Andersen and Marg Snare.  Well done!  

May 19th - Winners:  Patrick Mainsbridge, Brent Baddley, John Engels and Peter Deutsher with 3 wins and +14 score.  R/Up Murph Emond, Les McInerney, Brent Rodden and Hugh Mitchell with 1 win and +4.  Where are the women bowlers to keep these men on their toes!

May 26th - Who would have thought that anyone in their right mind would have played on this WET, COLD day!  BUT 12 players turned up to play.  There was a bit of a wash as the bowls swished down the rink but it turned out to be a very pleasant competition day.  

Winners:  Peter Deutsher (with new bowls in play) Terry Salter and Peter Lalor led the way with some great bowling.  They were chased down by the R/Up team to win on the last end with a draw.  R/Up team Lindsay Cross, Hugh Mitchell and Ann Salter kept them honest!

2 Bowl Triples - 12th May - Raffle winners on the day were Les McInerney and Graeme Stewart.  

Winners:  What a runaway team of Ray Kelly, Lindsay Cross and Graeme Clyne.  To win by such a large margin they will be the team to keep an eye on for any tournaments in the region.  R/Up team of L Davies, E Lewis and G Holmes were worthy of their spot.  

A mug of soup was very popular with the players and the Club thanks the visiting clubs for their ongoing support.

Winter Lunches

Members and visitors enjoyed a great catch up for lunch at the Phoenix hotel.  About 20 people were there and the conversation varied from proposed travel to warmer climates and future activities at the Club.  

Lunches are proposed for the last Friday of each of the winter months with the next venue to be The Shell Club (Friday 24th June) which is again another of the Club's sponsors.  We would love to include any prospective bowlers.  Contact Lyn Blake on 5286 1245.