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Maude & District Landcare Group

The Landcare Group remains very concerned about the possibility of Barwon Water’s share of water in Lal Lal Reservoir on the West branch of the Moorabool River being allocated to Central Highlands Water for use in Ballarat.

As has already been stated in previous issues, Corangamite Catchment Management Authority release environmental water in conjunction with Barwon Water releases from Lal Lal Reservoir whenever possible. This has allowed environmental flushes to reach Batesford and beyond several times a year. 

The proposed transfer of water to Ballarat may mean that these flushes could be the only flow to pass the Lal Lal reservoir during the summer/autumn period. In drought periods time such as at present, this could mean no water at all in the lower reaches of the river for some months.

A big thank you to those who were involved in the “Water for Victoria” consultation process. Many concerned locals attended consultation sessions, wrote submissions and have sent letters to politicians. For now, we wait to see the result of our efforts. In the near future we will be campaigning for larger amounts of Environmental water for the Moorabool.

The next meeting of the Landcare Group will be held at the Maude Tennis Pavilion on Thursday, June 16th at 7.30pm.