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Lions Club Metal Muster a Mountainous Success

The Bannockburn and District Lions Club held a ‘metal muster’ at the Lions Park in Bannockburn over the last weekend in May.   The aims of the muster were to collect recyclable metals so they could be reprocessed, reduce rubbish going to landfills (and save residents the tip fees!) and also to raise money which the Lions Club will put back into community projects.

Several tonnes of scrap metal were collected including everything from hot water systems to nuts and bolts and, yes, there was a kitchen sink, quite a few in fact.   Such was the load that I suspect that some people haven’t seen the ground in their back yards for a while.    

There was a suspicious number of barely used exercise bikes and a great many worn out bar-b-qs hinting  that outdoor entertaining is alive and well in the district but not so the love of physical fitness.

Credit goes to Lions President Rob Walters, Lion Ern Hutchinson and the team for this effort and most of all to the local citizens for backing the project.

Lions are always looking for new members willing to work within the community.   If you are interested please contact the Lions Club membership secretary Anne Cotsell on 0400 110 107.

David Cotsell