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Friends of the Bannockburn Bush

National Tree Day Sunday July 31
This is our major Community event for July. FOBB members have made a start with the Yellow Gum replanting project with over 100 planted but we need more help to get another 300 trees into the ground.

If you would like to help with our planting project on NTD, please register via the Treeday website: and search for Bannockburn. This will be our major planting event for the year but we will also keep working on smaller boutique plantings, now the soil is sufficiently moist.

Rubbish Dumping.
Some people have still not got the message about being good citizens and we have been gathering junk from several ‘dumps’ to consolidate into one lovely pile at the end of Old Base Road. 

Can we suggest that if you have some stuff you really can’t fit onto your monster wheelie bin, a bit at a time, that you just drop it off at the shire offices so they get the message that we need a hard rubbish collection day. It’s all very well for Golden Plains to close the local tips but if they don’t provide a suitable alternative they are just outsourcing garbage collection back to volunteers like FOBB members.

Threatened Species Grant from DELWP
With funds from our grant, we have now designed and installed new signs along Red Road to inform people about the nature of the work we have been carrying out. The text reads as follows:

“The extension of Old Base Road is now permanently closed for revegetation and protection of biodiversity. This reserve contains several threatened plant communities, including Melbourne Yellow Gum, Black Bristle Rush, Snowy Mint Bush, Silver Banksia Gold Dust Wattle and EPBC protected Natural Temperate Grassland of the Victorian Volcanic Plain.”

“The Ballarat Environment Network, the Friends of Bannockburn Bush and the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP) are working to protect these ecosystems. Collectively we have funded rubbish removal, fencing, weed control and revegetation for biodiversity protection. 

No Firewood Collection. No Rubbish Dumping. Penalties Apply.

This project was funded with support from the Victorian Government. 

For further information contact the Ballarat Environment Network. M: 0417 135 218 or Friends of Bannockburn Bush. M: 0438 904 961

Soil Dumps on Harvey Road. Not in our backyard please GPS.
Meanwhile some years after being asked nicely to clean up their illegal soil dumps in the bush beside Harvey Rd, Golden Plains Shire has still done very little. These dumps should be on council land, not in the bush. They encourage other illegal dumping, spread weeds and are a major eyesore.

FOBB asks yet again that GPS puts its own house in order and cleans up this eyesore asap. We wish to complete our fencing project and we can do that with these ugly mounds.

Spring (11 – 13 November) on the Victorian Volcanic Plain: Native Grasslands, Stony Rises, Seasonal Wetlands and Salt Lakes.
The Victorian Volcanic Plains Biosphere (VVP Biosphere) Committee is working towards establishing a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve over the Victorian Volcanic Plain bioregion in Victoria. One of the main aims is to raise the profile and appreciation of the critically endangered grasslands and grassy woodlands in the region. We hope that this might improve the biodiversity conservation actions and prospects.  We have planned an excursion for spring 2016 to showcase the features of the region around the Camperdown area, including visits to Plains Grassland sites, stony rises, stony barriers and significant habitats around Lake Corangamite. 

The Committee has developed a local network of contacts and we have the opportunity to visit and highlight important ecological sites on public land, including recently purchased reserves, and private land including sites not often seen by the public.

VVP Biosphere members, Ecological Society of Australia members and interested members of the wider public are all invited. We will have speakers specialising in grassland ecology and natural history to provide context and educate attendees about the region, and to undertake field visits to a number of key sites in the area.  

The area we will visit is the centre of the Western District Ramsar Lakes which have fascinating hypersaline ecology. The diversity of habitats on the Victorian Volcanic Plain is substantial and this event will be designed to help interested people experience the original natural habitats; understand the threats to those values and the priority actions for conservation.

The design of the event will be based on a model used by Field Naturalists clubs and other organisations over many years.  An inexpensive venue for accommodation, i.e. Lakes and Craters Caravan Park in Camperdown, with venues for meetings and talks will be used as a base for information and logistics and several excursions will be organised with all participants asked to carpool in convoy to visit ecological sites on public and private land.

If you are free on the weekend of 11-13 November and fancy an interesting natural history weekend, please contact Stuart ( to register your interest. 

Coming Events:
Sunday July 10. Bannockburn and Lethbridge Scouts. Tree thinning and construction pole harvesting.

The local Scouts will be helping us to thin the Sugar Gums while putting the thinned timber to good use as poles for construction activities. Lashings of fun.

Saturday July 23 will be our 19th Yellow Gum Flowering Festival. 10am – 3pm.

It will be a day to celebrate our progress in protecting this wonderful reserve and promoting its importance to the wider community. We have very few places like this left. We must look after them, not just for our recreation and scientific study but also for the flora and fauna they support. Remember that there is less than 1% of this type of habitat remaining. All the rest has been destroyed for housing, roads, farming etc.

National Tree Planting Day Sunday July 31.  Details above. Go to the National Tree day website

Stuart McCallum
Friends of Bannockburn Bush